Chapter 1 :

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Ariana Miles.. Linaaa !! Linaaa!!! My sister and I froze at the sound of his angry voice. This was not good. This can't be good. Oh dear God, I hate my life. What did my siblings and I ever do to deserve this type of life? What?! I thought angrily The boss, Craig, was back and he sounded angrier than ever. "Did you do anything?" I asked my sister lowly, fear evident in my voice. Even though I knew it was of no use, she didn't need to do anything to get on Craig's wrong side. So yeah, it was a stupid question, but I had to ask. Lina didn't need to do anything to get mercilessly beaten up, by Craig. " No I don't think i did any.., I - I don't know." she whispered back, stuttering. Craig is our guardian and has been since our father died. I never knew our father, I was very young when he died. But my siblings Lina and Nathan were old enough to remember him. Lina was eleven and Nathan was nine when he died or when he was killed? We don't really know what happened. According to Lina, we were told our father had died, and the next thing we knew, we were dumped on Craig. Lina's harsh breath brought me back to the present. I could see the fear in her eyes, as she reached for the door knob. She stopped mid stride for a second and looked back at me. " Please, hurry, before he comes here to drag you out." I urged her, tears already threatening to spill down my cheeks. If Craig came to fetch her himself, he would drag her and kick her down the stairs like a ball. That means more pain, and no one should put themselves in such a position. Lina sucked in a deep breath and took off out the door. " I'm here , I'm here.” I heard her respond to his calls in a shaky voice as she raced down the stairs, Rushing head straight into pain and fists. While I hid in the room like a coward. Not that there was anything I could do to stop what was about to happen. But suddenly, the front door opened, and I heard Julio call for Craig. Craig isn't just our guardian, he is the head of this small mafia group called the Lethal Crew. It really isn't a big one, we are one of the smallest crews in Arizona. But, it's not about size for us, we are untouchable because we have the Marchetti seal. It's a protection seal that ensures we don't hustle or hassle, and we stay out of trouble with other gangs around us. The crew earns money from the Marchetti's, and we live in the three-story office building of the Lethal crew. Although Craig has found other ways to earn extra cash, without the Marchetti's knowledge. "Speak", Craig ordered harshly, his anger getting the best of him. I quietly crawled out of our living room into a small space at the top of the stairs to see and hear better. Julio is Craig's second in command, but Craig runs a tight ship and sometimes couldn't care less if he disrespected Julio publicly. Craig is psychopathic like that. " It's really nothing to worry about, boss, their arrival is some weeks away. We still have time to tidy up any loose ends." Julio was saying to Craig. "They could just be coming in for a routine check of the newly reopened Regent Boulevard they'd acquired and may decide to have a meeting with us. I told you this could happen, but again, there is a high chance they wouldn't even come here at all. But we should keep our fingers crossed on this one, all hands on deck, everyone should maintain a low status quo." Julio admonished. " Yeah you did say all those things, but you also said they would most likely not buy the f*cking hotel!!.But they did . The f**king Uno, better not show up here or we could be in deep sh*t !!" He bellowed out, at no one in particular. "I-I'm here b-boss, you c-ca-called me ?" Lina asked, stuttering in a fearful, tiny voice. She'd been hoping he would dismiss her, as he seemed to be having a very important discussion with Julio. But it had the opposite effect, as Craig visibly stiffened, his back was turned to her, but I could see his shoulders tense. A part of his face was visible to me from my vantage point. A muscle ticked in his jaw, as he seethed with fresh rage. "Aww f*ck, Lina." I cried silently in despair, biting down hard on my lips to stop any sound from escaping. Craig half turned and landed a perfect back hand on Lina's cheek. Julio flinched slightly at Craig's reaction. The sound of the slap, made me fall back on my b*tt from my squatting position atop the stairs. Lina screamed in pain from the force of the slap. I sighed deeply, tears streaming down my cheeks, this was going to be a terribly long day. "You stupid, stupid c*nt !!”, he screamed angrily at her, as he dragged her violently by her hair into his office. I was crying uncontrollably now, but I dared not make a sound. Lina was in for a whole world of pain. Tears kept rolling down my cheeks as Lina's anguished cries and screams bounced off the walls of the three-story house and office building. "Please, please, I'm sorry Aaaaargghhhh Aaaaargghhhh Forgive me, please, please boss Pleeeaasseee !!!" She screamed and begged and begged some more. I hated myself every time he hit her, I felt useless, I was a coward. I could do nothing, absolutely nothing, to save my sister. I was rooted to the same spot for almost an hour, shaking uncontrollably, and praying that Lina doesn't lose consciousness. Anytime Lina required treatment from the doctor, Craig would become more vicious, because according to him, she is making him spend more money on her than she deserves. I don't believe in God, even though our suffering forces me to pray. He just doesn't exist. He never has not for us. Because if he did, we wouldn't have been in this situation in the first place or we would have been saved from Craig by now. Life is a bed of thorns for us. Every day I wonder, why we have to live like this? Why do we have to suffer through all this? I sighed. At least Craig isn't a murderer, so maybe I should count my blessings. But I knew better, death would be a much better fate than this. "Found the imbecile !!" A voice whispered loudly right behind me, making me freeze where I was. ‘No no no no Please, not this stupid man child again. God no.’ I thought desperately to myself. But I guess it was too late to pray as intense pain shot up my arm. The stupid man had stomped on my hand, the hand I had been using to hold myself up in my crouched position. Sometimes, members of the crew try to bully me, when Craig or Julio are absent. I whimpered loudly and took off like a freight train. Stumbling down the stairwell, and ended up rolling down the rest of the way, to the bottom of the stairs, pulling some artworks with me as I went down, screaming as I fell. Some of the guys rushed out to see what the commotion was all about. "f*****g s**t !!," Craig roared angrily. " How many times do I have to tell you to hands off the stupid kid, huh ? " Craig turned on Spence, shouting angrily, totally irritated by the useless interruption. I sighed, glad and momentarily relieved he'd taken a break from the violent ministrations he'd been visiting upon my sister. The man child, managed to look shocked at the accusation, Like he could fool Craig. " Boss I didn't.." " You better not complete that statement if you still want to spill that lie." Craig warned, cutting him off. " And you!!!, get the f*ck up and go clean this mess all up, before I kick you all the way, back into whatever deadbeat womb you crawled out off." Craig bellowed at me. "Yes boss." I croaked out, scrambling farther away from him. "Spence!! In here now", Craig ordered furiously as he re-entered his office. Craig, doesn't touch me, ever. And it's not because I'm his favorite or anything, it's just that he gave his word to Lina, in front of the crew, declaring that I am under his protection. It is one of a handful of perks that comes with Lina being his mistress. I guess I shouldn't call them perks, not when all Lina has ever done is make sacrifices for me. Our father died when I was barely three years old. There are a few pictures of us as a family that Lina has kept hidden. Looking at it, the pictures used to be one of my favorite pastimes as a kid. But not anymore. I grew up. Now when I look at the face of the man in the picture and the fact that he was best friends with Craig. I detest him, I hate him, I hate him so much. Because he is the reason we are in this situation. He is the reason why Craig is our legal guardian. " What the f*ck are you still doing in here, Lina?” Craig bellowed out at my poor sister, dragging me out of my thoughts. "Get the f*ck out of my room, I don't f*ck retarded wh*res like you. Get out and make sure you take that Imbecile child with you. Stinking sl*t !!! " he screamed and I wondered if steam ever came out of his ears with all this pent-up anger, he's got stored. Lina tried to scramble out of the room as quickly as she could, given her injuries and all. But she didn't make It in time and Craig pushed her out the door with so much force that she crashed into the balustrade and landed on the floor with a heavy thud. My lips quivered as I watched her drag herself up, with the help of the balustrade, blood spilling from her mouth as she slowly began to drag her battered body up the stairs, heading for our quarters. The back of her pink tee shirt was torn and stained with blood. I could see the welts and broken skin from Craig's belt on her back. Her left eye was literally swollen shut. "Ari, leave it, go tend to your sister. Joey clean up the mess." Julio ordered coolly. "What !! But why !!?” Joey asked in annoyance. "I didn't do anything, I swear I did nothing, it was all Spence. Why do I have to clean up after him?"Joey asked in a frustrated tone. "Because I said so and because you watched him attack Ari, in fact, you backed him silently. So quit grumbling like an old hag and clean the f*cking d*mn area." Julio said in an irritated-no-nonsense tone. "Fine !! He huffed angrily, before continuing to speak. "I have one more question. Why do I have to clean up after the help?" Joey deadpanned. His voice trailed off at the end, as he swallowed nervously. " Because she needs to tend to Lina dumba*s." Julio replied with a stern look that told Joey, no more questions or back talk would be entertained. I helped my sister up the stairs and got out the first aid box immediately we reached the room. I knew basic first aid and would be a good EMT if I ever got a job like that. I have been tending to Lina's injuries since I was thirteen. I removed a shard of glass from her shoulder. " Son of a mother f*cking b***h" I cursed silently, hissing lowly as i tended to Lina. The wound was deeper than I'd initially thought. Lina would need stitches. I tended to her and stitched her up, while wracking my brain for the umpteenth time, trying to think of a way out of this horrible mafia life we live in. ******* Hello everyone, This is my first attempt at a Mafia story. I welcome criticisms and corrections. Thanks in anticipation for all your comments and criticism & MOON TICKETS. (Please vote for me!!) Love you all, Mwaah !! I am falling in love with this story, and I hope you do too. PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO COPY ANY PART OF MY WORK. Plagiarism is a Crime. Warning: This book contains Adult content described in detail, violence and some gory details and other elements please proceed with care. All rights reserved. Ddutchess ****************
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