Chapter 2:

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Chapter 2: Jayden's pov ... “Not every thing, issue or misdemeanor is solved by a bullet or violence. And sometimes teaching someone a lesson is more vital than putting them six feet under." - Jayden Marchetti. ***** The crisp morning air of Esposito bay, capital city of Terrantia, whispered and whistled lowly around us, as we made our way up the grand entrance to Drenthe's Palatial mansion, in the heart of the capital of Dominguez republic. Drenthe Ramon has been the republic's minister of resources for almost fifteen years. Most Mafia have the police on their pay roll, which is good. But we tend to operate a little differently than that. Marchetti isn't just a Mafia, we actually do not call ourselves that, we see ourselves more like a cabal or a power block. The security personnel of the minister, stood aside as we made our way into his house. This isn't a courtesy call, as the minister is used to getting, neither is this a friendly meeting. The scent of morning coffee, pancakes, eggs and bacon filled my nostrils and made my mouth water. I hadn't eaten since lunch with Raya, my mistress yesterday. I think I should remedy that, right after the minister has been dealt with. Drenthe and his family were having breakfast in the breakfast room, he was surprised to see us. "This is quite an unexpected visit, Uno" He said, greeting me, as he got up to receive us. I smirked as I could see the fear swimming in his eyes, but he tried to conceal it with false bravery. My entourage was small, I couldn't go anywhere without kozlov my personal bodyguard and then there is my third in command, Jonah, my right hand man, right beside me as I walked in and two more Marchetti men. Sean and Rondo, completed the entourage. But this visit is being led by the national chief of police, Estaban Ramon. Like I said we do things differently in the Marchetti. There was silence for a few moments after I'd settled down in the breakfast room. I nodded once at Kozlov and he began to explain this mornings proceedings to the minister in charge of the country's resources. "Your transgressions have continued to pile up Drenthe. You have been warned repeatedly, but you refused to heed them." Kozlov said in a warning tone. I watched as some of Estaban's men tied Drenthe to a chair. His family huddled together in a corner. The minister begged that they be excused, but no one listened to him. He had wasted his words on lies, greed and unfair manipulations, no one would listen to him anymore. "Cut his fingers off." I commanded lowly. "How many? " Kozlov asked. "All of them." I gritted out in a low angry voice. Shocked gasped rang around the breakfast room. "Uno pleasssssseeeee. Pleasssssseeeee." The man begged. "As a minister, it- it wouldn't look good for the public to see me without my fingers. It would look like an obvious attack on the government. The president would call for an investigation. Pleasssssseeeee uno, whatever it is, it will be sorted out today, I swear it. I swear on my life. My loyalty is unquestionable, uno. Uno pleasssssseeeee!!" He screamed, cried and begged, desperate to get out of this situation. but everyone knew that he had bitten way more than he could chew, his pleas were unanswered. Marchetti's aren't reckless, but we are ruthless, very ruthless and we demand absolute loyalty from ourselves, friends and allies, because the consequences of disobedience and disloyalty, can be pretty severe. We aren't bullies and are rarely seen or caught perpetrating crimes. Drenthe Ramon is the republic's minister of resources, his loyalty is mine. And if I don't have it, no one else will. Marchetti's don't beg, we don't cower, we only reason with you until there is no more room for that. And once we've exhausted all of our options, we strike. "Aaaaarrrrgggggghhhh Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrhhh Aaaaarrrrgggggghhhh !! His screams were deafening. My earbuds weren't much protection for my eardrums. His family were huddled together in a corner of the room crying. His wife, son and two daughters, his staff, including his security team, were all outside listening to his screams, unable to come to his aid. It's not because they are being restrained, far from that. It's because they know better than to interfere. I stared at the man, who'd forgotten who he really was. His face covered in tears, snot and sweat as he screamed and screamed and screamed, as kozlov began to cut off his fingers, just from the tip, where the nails end. Kozlov ordered the chef to bring in a hot pot of oil and placed it on the table. "Estaban, you do the honors." He said to the chief of police. The man hesitated a bit and that pissed me off. "Dip them in !!" I ordered dangerously and everyone excluding my entourage gasped loudly. "Now !!" I added in a low angry tone. Estaban shook slightly as he began to dip Drenthe's injured fingers in. Drenthe screamed, long, loud and hard, until he passed out from the pain. This must seem, crude, wicked, inhumane and monstrous to some. But not to me. The Marchetti might sound like a normal Mafia family to you but there is nothing normal about us. The ministers wife, crawled all the way from the corner where she was attempting to protect her children from the trauma of watching their father suffer. She grabbed the leg of my pants trousers, her pleading eyes red rimmed from crying. "Please forgive him, uno pleaaaasssse.!! From now on, I will ensure he does everything anything you want, Uno uno pleasssssseeeee!!!" I stared at her with an impassive cold stare. She would get no response from me. She had no right to get this close to me, but I let her, just this once, not pushing her off me, is the only kind of empathy I can show to the Ramon family, right now. Rondo finally got her off me. I let out an irritated scoff and gave him a meaningful glare. No one would be coming close to me again, today without my express approval. Now, If you assume that the minister stole from us, you're wrong. If you assume that we traffic any kind of drugs or deal in narcotics of any kind. You're wrong as well. If you think that we launder money, then you could be right. But you need to understand that the only currency that is of utmost importance to us, is Power, Gold and Diamonds. In that particular order. We do what's necessary, to get what we want. "Stop!" I ordered lowly. "Wake him up before you continue, we wouldn't want him to think he can escape the pain by passing out, now do we ?" "No sir." The national police chief responded. "Reheat the pot, now." Kozlov, ordered with a smirk. Drenthe Ramon has been the republic's minister of resources for almost fifteen years now, When you take in a ten year old pauper, raise him like your own and train him to do your bidding. You should own him for life. But Drenthe changed seven years ago, and began to give us the run around, he's been short changing us by giving the advantage to our competitors. We've know all these for years now, and we have let him continue in his ways. But then, four years ago, we took out our competition, he still doesn't know that we have been benefitting despite his stupidity. He would find out today though. "Get Javier in here, now." Jonah ordered out loudly. Javier Plata is the head of the biggest and most violent gang in the republic of Terrantia. He is the one Drenthe had preferred to do business with, of course he paid more and offered other privileges we weren't offering. But we are running a business, not a corrupt organisation that throws money around. Besides the reason we put people in positions is so we don't have to pay overboard to get the advantages we need to run our businesses smoothly. But even though, Javier and his gang were paying three times what we were paying. It was all just money, we ensured Drenthe was appointed, and we ensured he stayed in office this long. But Drenthe obviously prefers their money to power, and strung us along forgetting who he should be loyal to, who we are and how he got to be so powerful. So since he doesn't want power, I will grant him his heart desire, with a little extra of course. "Uno." Javier greeted me respectfully, as he walked into the huge well lighted room. Drenthe looked like he was going to piss himself or pass out again as Javier handed Jonah some papers, which he perused before spreading them out before the bloodied, sweat drenched Drenthe. You see, Javier couldn't just be bought by money, he wanted to give his unknown little brother a different life, far away from the violence and c*****e of Terrantia. Of course we sweetened the deal with a cut of the profits, but Javier's baby brother Julio, has been adopted by a middle class swiss family, he was Ten, four years ago when the deal was struck and everything was set in motion. It was almost like witness protection. Javier can only keep tabs on his brother from afar. "These are Javier's accounts of the money's he's been paying you." Jonah said to Drenthe "I-its it's no.." Jonah lifted a finger to his lips, silently ordering Drenthe to shut up. Then he placed another set of papers on the table beside Javier's accounts. "These are your accounts, Drenthe, showing the amounts of money, you received from Javier." Jonah stated again. "No no no, these are cash deposits, Drenthe. We know they were paid in by your account executive, who received these money's from Javier's men, himself. We have pictures and video evidence but we won't waste anymore time with your lies Drenthe, we've been doing that for over six years now." Jonah said. I pulled out a phone from my pocket and sent a text message. "Do It now." An envelope with the words "Message sent" boldly written underneath it, was briefly displayed on the screen of the burner phone, before the screen went black. I put the phone back in my pocket, and nodded to Jonah. "Phase two of your punishment has began. All accounts belonging to you and members of your family, except trust funds which we have locked, are currently being emptied as we speak. You will be replaced as minister this week. Your staff will loot this house and take whatever they want with them as parting gifts. Your properties will be seized as part of an investigation into corruption allegations and charges. You're no longer a Marchetti. You have been disowned. You are on your own." "Wwwwhaaaatttt!!! "Y-You cant do that, s-su-surely you can't. Drenthe protested in a low tone. "Pleeeaasseee Pleeeaasseee Pleeeaasseee uno, "Pleeeaasseee we would be stranded." His wife found her voice and began to beg again. "You should have thought of that six years ago, or maybe four years ago, or.. whatever. But you didn't, so please enjoy the consequences of your actions." Jonah said bitterly in response. Rondo placed a phone in front of Drenthe, with his bank details on the screen. We all watched his reaction as his account drained from billions of Terra ( Terrantia 's currency) to nothing. Drenthe screamed in pain and heartbreak. "Noooooo that's stealing. It's beneath you, uno. pleaseeee.” He cried and begged and tried crawling towards me. But Kozlov caught him by his hair, and dragged him back to the table. Drenthe was a greedy dog who loved his designer meals, but now has to go and fend for himself. "Please unoooo !!" He screamed desperately. But I was already on my way out, with Rondo right behind me. My focus had moved to other pressing matters. The Marchetti won't run itself.
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