The Wolf Prince And His Treasured Pixie

another world

Ember, a small Pixie, possesses extraordinary power. She stands as the sole survivor of her kind, enduring the harsh treatment of the Troll King, who views her as his personal pet.

Alex, a wolf prince warrior, embarks on a grand exploration that spans the entire realm. During his journey, he discovers a small creature that instantly captivates his attention.

Ember's sole opportunity to escape the clutches of the Troll King and evade further capture lies in placing her trust in this unfamiliar individual.

On the horizon, a new war looms with the Trolls emerging as their adversaries. Ember and Alex may hold the key to victory for the Light Fae, safeguarding the realm from impending peril.

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Ember POV It's likely that you've heard stories of my kind through breathy whispers of bedtime stories or glimpsed an artist’s rendition of a similar tiny stature in a book of folklore and myths. You may have been one of the many enthralled with the idea of a tiny being no bigger than a thumb. Many across different realms would claim my kind to only exist inside children’s stories or myths. Then again, all fairytales hold some sort of truth, do they not? If only the happy, bubbly songs and handsome princes were my truth. We stayed concealed among various species for centuries, the dark fae discovered the fact that we were not just handed down tales. Indeed we held great power in our diminutive bodies. Our discovery led us to be hunted, trapped, and tortured for access to our abilities. Experiments drained our abilities, killing us off in droves and leaving me as the only survivor. The one the king called his most treasured possession. The king imprisoned me in his palace, hiding me from others, and exploiting my extraordinary abilities for five years. Like a pet, I had a small collar adorning my neck. The king designed it uniquely to force my obedience to him and only him. It was impossible to remove it, in turn depriving me of any ability to escape his grasp, leaving me helpless when I was once a free pixie. I had two forms, one natural and one slightly smaller than a human, but the King confined me to my more vulnerable ten-inch tall natural state and treated me like a caged bird. In his desperate battle against the light fae, the dark fae king turned to the troll king and his army for assistance, offering me as a gift in return for their support. Exchanged from one heartless ruler to the next, I was again imprisoned and remained hidden from the rest of the world. The new king referred to me as his little bug and treasure, and once again exploited my unique abilities for his wicked actions. Five more years went by, and the only news I heard about the outside world was from fleeting whispers of gossip near my small cage. Rarely did I have the opportunity to leave, always tethered by the collar, solely existing to serve the king. For several years, the halls resonated with talk of the Light Fae Kingdom's triumph and the presence of formidable hybrids, solidifying its status as the mightiest kingdom in the realm. Plotting for years, the troll king sought ways to obliterate them, savoring the prospect of ending King Damien and the new Hybrid-Queen Luna. A new war loomed as the king expressed his readiness to act. “Little Bug,” the troll king’s deep voice boomed as he approached my cage and shook it. With a nod of my head, I obediently looked up at him. Throughout my captivity, I refrained from using my voice. My typical way of communicating was through touch, projecting what I heard and saw. “A group of light far warriors was spotted exploring near our kingdom. You are to spy on them over the next few days and report back with any intel you learn,” he commanded while removing the small lock on my cage. Grabbing onto my arm with his two fingers, he yanked me harshly. “Disobey little bug, and your punishment will be severe,” he hissed as he released me, and I flew out of the palace in search of the warriors. Amongst the surrounding forest, I flew high within the trees until I found the warriors camping. I settled in a hidden spot among the leaves close enough to hear their conversation but far enough that they wouldn't be able to spot me. The group of six warriors shared laughter, drinks, and conversation. It was interesting for me to observe such friendly behavior among different species. The day continued as I observed them, knowing a vicious punishment would meet me if I did not bring valuable information to the king. The warriors built a fire pit with wood and rocks, and then I witnessed a tall, well-built man with blue hair stand up and conjure fire from his fingertips. His amber eyes immediately grabbed my attention, and I felt inexplicably pulled towards this peculiar individual. Was he one of the hybrids? While he relaxed at the campsite, another warrior with almost identical features sat nearby, and their conversation continued. At last, I caught wind of King Damien's name and discreetly flew closer to eavesdrop on their conversation. The man with blue hair jerked his head back, as if smelling the air, and let out a low growl, which startled me a bit. “We’re not alone,” he whispered, barely loud enough for me to hear, causing me to fly away to avoid them discovering my location. Once I felt a safe distance away, I sought refuge high in a tree. Seating myself on a branch, I took a deep breath and rested my head on my hands. At this pace, I will face the troll king’s wrath; the last time I disappointed him, I couldn’t lift my body from the ground for over a week. Twigs snapping shattered the peaceful silence of the forest. Noticing the sound, I shifted my attention to the man with blue hair, who was alone and leaning against the tree I was hiding in. “I know you are nearby, and I mean you no harm; please show yourself so we can talk.” It was clearly a command but his voice held no hostility, instead, warmth flooded my body. I fought my instincts to obey his command and remained still, not wanting him to sense my direct location. He must have exceptional tracking skills to locate the tree I was in so swiftly. “I understand you may be afraid; if you don’t want to show yourself, I’ll just talk to you,” he said as he sat down against the tree. What was the reason for the strange man's desire to talk to me? His voice exuded both warmth and friendliness, alongside an unmistakable aura of power and strength. I kept my breathing shallow as I listened intently, hoping for any useful information for my report. “My name is Alex, and I’m a hybrid wolf. I live in the Light Fae Kingdom. I’m traveling with my brother and several warriors to explore more of this realm. Our journey has been peaceful; we only seek to learn more about the territories around us and help heal any damage by the dark fae. I assure you I will not harm you if you make your presence known,” he explained while relaxing against the tree. As hours passed, he stayed in the same spot until I realized he was sleeping. Although I should have gone back to the remaining warriors camping, I inexplicably felt the need to approach the strange blue-haired man. His handsome face was relaxed, appearing peaceful, and the closer I got, the more drawn I became to him. My heart quickened as my body demanded closeness. I hovered right in front of him, examining his face and attempting to understand the peculiar sensation he made me feel. Without thinking, I brushed my hand against his large hand, causing a strange warmth to radiate. The man moved slightly, causing me to retake flight, hiding within a new tree nearby. It did not take long for him to stand up, and as he did, he rubbed his finger over the spot I brushed against. The collar around my neck burned, a sign that the King desired an update from me. The pain caused me to lose my balance and knock into a twig. The leaves around my perch rustled, catching the blue-haired man’s attention. I panicked and took flight, back toward the king without a glance back. Hopefully, the amber-eyed man did not catch sight of me. The troll king grabbed me the moment I flew by my small cage, ensnaring my whole body in his meaty hand so I could not escape. “Show me what you have learned so far, little bug,” he growled as I placed my hand on his, sharing the images and conversation from the forest. With some effort, I managed to withhold my time with the strange man in fear it would only infuriate the King. “Well done, little bug. They are some of the light fae’s top warriors. Continue following them. Return in three days. If the information you share is valuable, we will see about rewarding you with some freedoms,” He ordered as I hurriedly flew off again to search for them, my heart still thrumming from my encounter with the strange man. In the cover of the night, I observed every warrior in their campsite fast asleep. I perched high in a tree nearby where I could keep an eye on them, but I was caught off guard by the blue-haired man who stood up and walked to the tree I was in. “I’m happy you returned,” he whispered. Why was he happy? Did he feel the same pull towards me as I did him? “Ready to show yourself?” he asked softly as he grabbed onto the tree and started climbing. If I took flight now, he would see me; I needed to remain hidden. Getting close to where I was, he mumbled, “Does she know some sort of invisibility magic?” while settling his large frame on a giant branch high in the tree. Concealed in the leaves to his side, my heart was filled with excitement. No matter how much I fought with myself to stay hidden, my body pulled me to make myself known. I finally understood the peculiar connection I had been sensing... his soul and mine were intertwined.

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