He Is Back

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"Please take the warning seriously, this story is not about your everyday romance. This is extremely DARK with explicit contents that you may not be comfortable with. And if you don't like sensitive subjects this may not be good book to read for you. With s****l violence and abuse triggers, it is for above 18 and especially for the readers who think that they can handle such Hero. Maddox Carter is definitely not a safe hero and is hard to love. But you know, how we love to hate them!!!! No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without written permission of the author. Saved By The Devil- Carter Brothers Series © A. Gupta 2022. All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents in this book are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Present Brenna “Did you hear it?” Kiara, my best friend, asked as I rushed out of the classroom trying to escape the various comments, involving euphemism that I wouldn't be able to repeat, coming my way from all the students because I had sent their star player and prince of the town behind the bars. But, what they didn’t know was that their prince was my first crush, my first friend and my first hero, too. “What?” I asked as I hurried down the corridor. “Brenna,” Kiara grabbed my wrist and turned me around to face her and what I saw on her face had me gulping down the sudden apprehension I was feeling. I knew that look. It could only mean one thing and a moment later the words coming out of my friend’s mouth confirmed my suspicions. “He is back. He’s coming.“ For you. She didn’t said the last part but I knew because before he was dragged out of the courtroom, he had so silently, menacingly, whispered those words in my face meeting my brown eyes with his blue ones. I will come for you, Scherbatsky. I’ll hunt you down and make you pay for this. Dread weighed down on me as I thought back to that terrifying sight of Maddox Carter. Taking in a long breath I tried to compose myself but my fingers trembled and then when I looked past my best friend I saw my nightmare standing behind her. Ray Morris, the most horrible person I had encountered in my life after, of course, my aunt. And, come to think of that I was still a bit, at least point one percent sure that Maddox Carter couldn’t do to me worse than what Ray and my aunt had already done. They were the true definition of the monsters that roam the earth. Ray motioned for me to follow him and disappeared down the hallway in the direction of the school gym where I was sure at this time no one will be roaming about. I felt nausea rolling over my cold body thinking what was to come, even as I said to my friend, “I'll meet you after the English “ “Ok, take care, you look a little pale.” Kiara smiled and pressed a kiss on my cheek, I managed a nod for her. With every step I steeled myself for what was to come, in the last eight months, Ray had tried very hard to defile me in every way possible because beating me wasn’t enough for him. He wanted everything. But surprisingly, each time an unknown angel had saved me from his evil and his bad intentions. Each time my saviour, my angel, had saved me from being rapéd or worse and had left me a note. A note, that always seemed to spoke to me, in totally different way. For each note, I had penned a reply but not knowing where to send those replies I had stocked both his notes and my replies in the ratty, old, shoe box, under the floorboard of my attic room, where no one could find it. They were the only thing that was good between all this bad. I wondered if this time my angel would come to save me as he had done before. And until now I hadn't need saving in school which made me unsure if he would be able to come to school to save me. When I rounded the corner, I saw Ray turning into an old classroom which was mostly in shambles and under construction. “Move faster, doll. We wouldn’t want someone catching you doing your extra curricular.” The girl I once was, strong minded and strong willed, with snarky comments ready in my mind, was gone. Now, there was nothing I felt which wasn’t an attribute to fear. I was scared. Scared, if this time my angel didn’t come then what would happen!? I could still feel Ray’s sweaty hands all over me the first time he had groped me, his slobbering tongue as he had tried to kiss me and licked me, making me gag. And, the last time before today when he had tried to force himself on me, I still bore the marks of the belt he had used on me in frustration and anger because every time I was somehow saved from him, from being raped by him. I was pushed inside as soon as I stepped inside the dark room, the force knocked me on my knees as I fell down on the hard ground. The door clicked shut behind me. I whirled around to look at the closed door with dawning horror. Oh god, please. Please, my angel, where are you?? Please, save me. Ray approached me, even in the dark I could sense his evil smile as he came closer. This time it seemed that he was going to finish what he had started. Foreboding slammed into me, leaving me shaking and frightened. “We are in school.” I rushed out, trying not to panic as he stepped forward and grabbing my hand dragged me deeper into the room. “Anyone could come and see you.” Ray laughed and I could picture his sneering face, he said, “Let them, bîtch. Today, I’ll have this piece of meat for which I’m paying your aunt.” He grabbed my breast with his other hand as he pinched them, mauled them. Tears escaped my eyes. I looked around the room, seeing only darkness, and shadows. There was no window, no another door from where I could escape or from where my saviour would come to save me. He seemed to know my thoughts as he slapped me hard on the cheek and said, “Today, I’m going to finish the job in the school. I don’t think that your so called protector would be able to come into the school.” I slumped down with the force of the slap and he grabbed a fistful of my hair as he started to drag me to a sitting position. I was afraid that he was right and this time I won’t be saved. But, I couldn’t loose the hope, or I couldn’t not try. With my free hand I scratched at his arm, trying to loosen his hold around my hair but it was useless as he slapped me hard for the second time for my efforts. The black spots danced in front of my eyes as I tried to control the sudden dizziness and remain conscious. I hadn’t eaten in two days except the half sandwich that Kiara had force fed me yesterday during lunch. My aunt was furious with me and one of her favourite punishment was to keep me hungry because Ray had demanded that she return his money. And, now he was adamant to have his money’s worth, to have what he thought belonged to him. But, I couldn’t succumb to my body’s demand to let go. I didn’t even want to think about what this monster would do to me if I was unconscious. Crouching down low in front of my face, Ray said, “Now, listen to me, girl, you cooperate like a good little slût that you are, and I would try not to hurt you too much.” He squeezed my cheeks too brutally and I whimpered from the pain. I was sure my face would be mottled red from this much abuse, from his slaps, and after some time it would swell and tint bluish. “Now, nod, if you understand.” I nodded as much as his tight grip on my face allowed. “Perfect.” Ray stood up and then leaned back slightly as he stared down at me. “Remove your clothes, doll.” I stood up with trembling legs, my whole body was shaking, as I willed my fingers to coordinate and unbuttoned the top two buttons of my uniform shirt. He made an impatient sound and came closer to me and in one swift tug tore the shirt from my body. It hung sideways on my shoulders and I whimpered, terrified of what was to come. Over the months he had whispered vile and gruesome things into my ear that he would like to do to me. I couldn’t even fathom what he’d do to my inner body, when he had loved to destroy my outer body. “Didn’t I tell you not to wear a bra, hmm?” He tore the fabric from my body, advancing on me, pushing me further against the wall. “See, now, I have to punish you.” Saying that he punched me in the stomach. I gasped, my body hunching over from the pain. I gagged, but nothing came out of my empty stomach. Even my voice escaped me. I moaned in pain. Grabbing my head, he brought me up to stand straight then slammed my head hard, against the wall. I was totally disoriented as he pushed his body into mine. “See, no one here to save you.” He pushed his body against mine, holding my hands tightly against my side. “Please, plea—” The door slammed open and three very large figures entered the room. The light from the hallway casted them in shadows, but as I focused on them I realised that it wouldn’t have mattered as the three of them were wearing masks on their faces. When they advanced forward, Ray stepped away from me, leaving me bare to their gazes. For a moment I was relieved that finally my angel had come through and had saved me at the last moment but then, one of them whispered in gravelly voice, hiding his real voice as he said, “What do we have here?” “My girlfriend and I are having a moment, if you guys leave us alone.” Ray said, his hand coming around my waist as he pressed my hurt side of face into his chest. I stiffened ready to ask for help from the new comers but then the second man spoke up, “That sounds fun.” He took a step forward and grazed his fingers on my bare stomach. What was happening?? This couldn’t be happening!!! Where was my angel?? Ray relaxed beside me and I realised a little later what it meant, that the guys who I were thinking would save me were here to take advantage of the situation. I tried to step away from Ray but he held me tight. “Of course, it’s fun, but you have to wait for your turn.” Ray grabbed my breasts again and I closed my eyes, ready to push him away. The door was open, I just had to run twenty feet to make my escape but then he was no longer in front of me. One of the masked men grabbed him by the collar and punched him square on the face, and then the other one came forward and punched him once more. I stood fascinated, watching, as the monster who had become my nightmare crumpled down on the floor. The man who had trailed the fingers on my stomach dragged him out of the room, a minute later he came back and closed the door behind him. I didn’t know what to think, what to do or what to make of all of this? Now, I was in the darkened room with three strangers. I swallowed and clutched my torn shirt around me as I said, “Thank you, for saving me. I should go.” I didn’t take two steps when I was grabbed from behind, my both hands were held tight and then the one, who hadn’t spoken once, came closer. He didn’t whisper, he didn’t need to. I would’ve recognised him with my eyes closed. “I told you, I’d come for you, didn’t I?” “Maddox…” I whispered. HELLO MY DEAR READERS.... I KNOW MOSTLY, MAY BE, YOU'RE CONFUSED AS WHAT IS HAPPENING... BUT, I ALSO HOPE THIS ROCKY BEGINNING HELD YOUR ATTENTION, DID IT?? AND, JUST WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTERS TO UNDERSTAND HOW BRENNA AND MADDOX CAME TO THIS... (comment your queries and don't judge the main characters, please) THANK YOU, Keep Smiling and Keep Reading. Check out my other books too!
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