I Am Virgin

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Brenna “Maddox…” I whispered and all the feelings of safety and freedom fled me as I stood there in front of him, who had promised me everything but I had betrayed him in the worst way. And now here he was, to take his revenge. “So what do you plan to do to her?” One, who had dragged Ray out of the room, said. And, I recognised his voice too. Dominic. “After spending eight months in a black cell because of her, without a woman in sight, I would like to start with her sucking me off.” My eyes widened, I couldn’t believe it. I got rid of one attacker only to be surrounded by three of them. “Please.. please, Maddox, don’t do this.” I knew him. He was my Mad. He had always on numerous occasions protected me from school bullies. We weren’t friends-friends, but we weren’t strangers either. He couldn’t do that to me. He wouldn’t force me like that, I tried to calm myself. In the dark, I couldn’t see his eyes but could feel his gaze on me. I was accurately aware of my bare breásts and how they were on display as his other brother, and by the height and personality I could only guess that he was Brandon— the eldest one, held my hands at the small of my back. “Her whimpers said, she would suck you off right, brother.” Dominic replied, coming closer to me. I automatically shrunk back against Brandon, trying to avoid Dominic's touch, but he tsked, and grabbed my breást as he played with my nipplé. “Dominic….” Maddox voice rang out and Dominic took a step back from me. “Please, Mad... I have an explanation, why I did that…” I was cut short as Maddox barked, “Don’t call me that!! You don’t have any right. And, I don’t want to hear lies from you, I just got out of the jail and now I want all the tension sucked off of me.” He came closer and caressed my face, totally opposite of the way how sharp his words were. “On your knees.” “Please, you can’t do this,” I cried out and I turned to the eldest brother. “Please, make them stop. Please, you can tell them to back off. Please.” I could make out the blue eyes of Brandon, but then he shook his head and looked over my head. Carter brothers always stick together. My heart was beating overtime against my chest as I considered my next move but I shouldn’t have bothered as Maddox put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down on my knees. “Please, Maddox, you can’t force me, please. You are not this person.” I tried to bring back the Mad who had saved me in the past. I was crying hysterically. Oh god, where was my Angel. “Yeah, I wasn’t.” He said, the meaning clear in his words that now he was. “Lets get her naked.” Dominic said, his hand going for my skirt. “No.” Maddox said, “You go and stand on the door make sure no one comes this way.” “Are you serious? We always took our revenge together and now you are—” “Dominic…” Maddox waited for his brother to listen to him as he said, “This one is mine to torment. Only mine. I was the one she betrayed and I was the one to spend my last eight months behind the bar. This will be my vengeance.” With a muttered curse, Dominic went out to guard the door. “So where were we?” Maddox asked, and I heard him unbuttoning his jeans. “Please, please, please, don’t do this… please…” I was babbling, but I didn’t care. One time Ray had forced himself in my mouth while pinning me to the edge of the bed as he had grabbed my head, but that time fortunately my angel had come to save me and Ray had left. I had vomited all over the sheets, it was so horrible. And, that time I was grateful for not having the food to eat as I was sure I would’ve puked that out too. I didn’t want that to happen to me again. “Maddox, are you sure?” Brandon asked his brother, from behind me. For a second I thought they had come to their senses and would leave me alone, but then Maddox squashed that thought as he said, “If you had any problem with this, brother, you can leave too. I’ll call Dominic back, he’d be pleased to hold her for me.” Chills ran down my spine as I thought about Dominic’s hands on my breast and his amused tones. I couldn’t think of anything to let this all stop at once. “Please, Maddox, don’t force me. Please… I can tell you why I did that..” “Shut the fûck up!” He roared, cutting me off. I gulped down the hysteria crawling up my throat as I tried to reason with him, I couldn’t think of anything so I blurted out, “Please, Maddox, I had never done that.” I saw him stiffen, so I pushed forward, “I am a vírgin, please, don’t do this to me." The hands grabbing mine loosened and I breathed in relief thinking that now they'll finally leave me alone. I even thought of telling them about Ray, maybe they’d save me from him. I was so lost in my relief that I didn’t see it coming, one moment, I was on my knees then I was being pulled against him, pressed into him. My breásts squashed against Maddox’s chest. “Oh, you're a virgín.” I nodded, involuntarily pressing myself into his body and surprisingly it felt like the safest place in the world. His warmth engulfed me and my shaking subsided, until he said, “Perfect... then I should have this tight pûssy of yours for what you did to me.” I scrambled away from him, horrified to hear those words. “N-No, please.” I was starting to sound like my words were on a loop. But, I didn’t know what else to do. “Maddox, leave it. She is innocent.” Brandon said from behind me, his hand cupping my shoulder as he tried to manoeuvre me out of the corner. But, Maddox stepped in front of us, effectively stopping me and his brother. “Come on, brother, you really think she is innocent… We just walked on her with that bastard, Ray, they both were just seconds away from having sex.” “No! I didn’t… He was for—” “Shut up,” Maddox grabbed my neck, threateningly. “Now, its up to you, either you suck me or I’m going to fûck you and see for myself if you’re virgin or not.” Then he chuckled, a low gravelly sound as he said, “By the way, I don’t think it would matter to me even if you’re a virgin, I would make you bleed for me. Like you did.” I didn’t understand his last word but I was too focused on my present predicament to bother with it. Then he said, “Well, what do you think, are you going to suck me off or should I take your virginity if there is any to have?” Tears of mortification rolled down my cheeks, I never thought that my life would become this. Once again, I dropped down to my knees as I looked up at his face in the shadows, with tearful eyes. “Good. I wasn’t sure about dipping my côck into your pûssy, because I didn’t believe for a second. And, god fûcking knows, who else was in there last.” I hiccupped as sobs broke free from my lips. He didn’t hurt my body like Ray had. No, he killed me, blow by blow with his filthy, degrading, words. Maddox’s hands went to his zipper and I felt Brandon taking few steps back, moving away from us . “I know you, Maddox, and I’m telling you, you’ll regret this… You are not this man to force women, you hate them who does that.. You’ll hate yourself.” “Let me worry about that.” “Please, don’t make me do this.” I pleaded one more time. But, it was like as if I hadn’t even spoken the words as his jeans dropped down and his côck sprang free from its confines and came at my face. I leaned back, automatically putting distance between him and myself, trying to get away from him but he grabbed my head from the back halting my retreat. “Open your mouth, sweetness.” He demanded. And, when I shook my head in denial, he said, “Open up, or I’ll call Dominic back to hold you down while I f**k your pûssy.” He grabbed my face, it wasn’t as much as his tight grasp as it was the soreness in my cheek from earlier that made me gasp out in pain. “Would you like that?” “No!” I choked out, humiliated. Stepping back, Maddox held himself and brought his c**k to my lips. I took a deep composing breath or at least I tried to, if I had to do this to get this over with then so be it. It couldn’t be worse than what Ray had tried to do to me. I opened my mouth as he came forward, sliding himself into my mouth. “Good girl.” His hand caressed my hair as if in approval. I squeezed my eyes shut despite it being the dark in the room. I shuddered as more tears spilled down my cheeks and involuntarily by mouth closed around his thickness, my teeth grazing his hard shaft. The hand, that was softly caressing my hair tightened and pulled me away from him. He leaned down on my face, I could feel his breath on my lips as he whispered, “Watch your teeth, sweetness, I’m not kidding about f*****g that p***y, or..” He paused before saying, “How about that plump ass of yours?” A tremor ran through my body at his words, he tsked, “You sure are taking your virgîn act too far.” He straightened. “Now, take good care of my c**k, will you?” I didn’t have any idea how to do this. I had never had any relationships. And, I had never willingly let any man touch me. Ray had always forced me and beat me. When I reached for him with trembling fingers to grasp him in my hand, he groaned deep in his chest, so I slowly took the tip of his côck in my mouth. “f**k, that feels nice.” He murmured. His fingers trailing down my cheek almost in a parody of affection. I sucked his tip, tasting his saltiness on my tongue, tasting his warmth. I wasn’t sure if what I was doing was right or not, but he didn’t stop me or complain, so I kept licking and sucking the tip. “Deeper,” He demanded on a low growl, his côck surging forward into my mouth all of a sudden. I couldn’t take it, I panicked. Grabbing his hips, I tried to pull him away from me. But, he forced my face closer to his pelvis. My lungs burned, I couldn’t breathe. He was choking me. I was close to loosing all consciousness, my vision was turning black when suddenly he stepped back from me. I dropped down on the floor, gasping for air, curling into myself as I sobbed, loud, heartfelt broken cries escaping my mouth. “Well.. that was very bad and I am bored.” I heard him zipping his jeans as he turned away from me, saying over his shoulder, “See you soon, sweetness. Be prepared.” I brought my knees to my chest as I cried for myself. There was only one thing, only one person, who was holding me in this cruel world, who was holding me from breaking apart more than I already had. The thought of meeting her was the only reason I was enduring all of this. My face was buried behind my knees as I hiccupped into my hands. I felt the heat behind my back and then I felt those large hands coming around me. A moment later, I was picked up from the hard floor and engulfed in the warmth of a hard body. I clutched his t-shirt tightly as I burrowed deeper, grateful for this tiny bit of reprieve, grateful for this small slice of kindness. “Shh… Its okay..” Brandon whispered into my hair, his big hands caressing my back. My nakéd back, but I didn’t have any energy left to pull back from him. I nuzzled closer into his neck and pressed my face there, breathing in his fresh scent. I was aware of my tears dampening his t-shirt and now his neck, but I didn’t care. "You were right, he isn't this person. He is just angry.” His voice was low, his words measured as he spoke. I knew why he was being so soft, he was afraid to startle me from the comfort he was providing and I was taking. But, if he only knew that there was no chance I'd ever draw back from this small piece of kindness and comfort he was giving, as it was the first time in nine years that someone had hugged me close, that someone had took me in his arms. Brandon held me like that for a long time, until my tears subsided and my crying stopped. My eyes were drooping, I was exhausted that I didn’t realise when I slipped into oblivion in the arms of the eldest brother of the person who’d just humiliated me, forced me and degraded me. ANY THOUGHT?? I HOPE THEY ARE NOT BAD........(fingers crossed)
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