~First Day In Hell, What A Day~

2999 Words
The.... the chants really worked? Aunt Penelope wasn't lying about Satan being as tempting as the fire. But I wasn't performing any ritual! How can Satan summon me when I was just reading them? I never followed the instructions either. "Καλώς ήρθες στο διάολο, ανθρωπάκι." He said in his low, velvety voice. Rough as the hell but deep as an ocean. I never understood what he said in his foreign language. Was this the language of hell? I gulped, gripping my sweats and his eyes looked down at my hand, curiousity seeping his golden eyes. For someone who had an invited guest in their room, Mr. Golden eyes was really composed and unguarded. Did he not fear that I could be some thief or worse, a killer? Or he never felt any emotion? I didn't knew. Amusement swirled in his eyes and he stood up from his bed. He was tall. Not like a giant but tall. Humanely tall. Other than his golden eyes, there was nothing unusual in him. Keeping his impassive behaviour aside, of course. He squatted down to my level and I felt something weird in my chest. But what? I was getting lost in his golden orbs, they were like some magical spells. But I could see his demonic form in them, making me suck some breath in. He was scary. What I saw in his molten orbs was scary. Unlike Aunt Penelope's fantasy Satan looked no angel. He was scary. Like someone had cooked his face on the stove. But his eyes— they remained the same. But other than looking in his eyes, Satan looked beautiful, painfully gorgeous. Or maybe when he was stripped from his angel wings, the demonic features got caged in his angel body. What I saw was the fallen angel. But what resides within him is a devil. The most feared devil. But strangely he had just given me a glimpse of his real existence, why? Why was he still standing in his fallen angel fallacy? Was it to fool me? "για κάποιον που ήθελε να με συναντήσει τόσο απελπισμένα, είσαι πολύ ήσυχος, μικρός άνθρωπος." He said something in his foreign language again. I furrowed my brows and he shook his head, sitting back on his bed with his right leg on his left one's. "English huh, little human?" He asked in his thick accent and I took a deep breath in. Satan smiled, like a predator watching his caged prey. "Tell me human, people penance for their deeds to escape hell but you, little human, were performing rituals all night to please me— the Satan. Why?" My eyes widened at his words and he stood up once again. He walked slowly towards me before he pushed his palm out and rose me up in the air, making a scream to escape from my mouth. "What.... what are you doing? Place me down!" I cried out in panic and his eyes narrowed with pleasure as he sat down on his bed again. "Not until you answer me, human. What made you think chanting those chants would be a good idea, hm?" When I didn't answer, he continued further, his voice painfully calm, scaring me even more. "It either you're too dumb or you just don't fear me. Tell me which one is it, human? Because if it's the latter one, I can solve the problem." I shook my head, looking at him with horror. Aunt Penelope, you were freaking wrong about the Satan! He is not charming but a damn bully! "Will you answer me or shall I change your position?" He asked, placing his index finger on his chin, mocking me before a sinister smile spread on his face. "How does the fire of the hell sound? Or maybe my hellhound? They're pretty hungry for their last snack was an hour ago." "What? No! And I didn't perform any ritual. I never summoned you!" He lost his smile, his eyes narrowing with anger that made his fingers to twitch. "You didn't?" He asked, raising a brow up. I shook my head as a tear slipped down my left eye. "So you're telling me, little human, you didn't chant those spells all night, nonstop?" His voice had dropped an octave and my eyes widened. "I— I did but that was just out of boredom!" He scoffed, looking at me severely again. Damn his golden orbs. "Who recites the chants continuously all night just out of boredom? You didn't even take a break to breathe!" I swallowed, licking my lips, looking down at the ground. I was at a very great height. Freak! "I couldn't sleep! I didn't knew those chants would work!" "So you lit those candles out of your boredom too?" He mocked and I shook my head, looking at him with a pleading gaze. "My city was out of electricity. I needed......" His eyebrows furrowed as he titled his head slightly. "Your city was out of what?" He asked, genuinely confused and I too looked at him, perplexed. He doesn't know what electricity is? "Electricity." I said again. "What's electricity?" He asked, looking genuinely curious and I licked my lips. How do I explain him about electricity now? "Electricity is...... electricity." When he glared at me, I laughed out nervously. "It's.... it's a flow of electrical power or charge. You can get rid of the darkness of your room without liting a candle. You can just turn the tubelight on using electricity. You can get yourself an elevator to move with the help of electricity. It's..... it's basically for our luxury." He rolled his eyes as he flicked his fingers and I saw his room illuminating without any candles before his room went into darkness again. "Why would I need the electricity, little human, when I can just use my powers?" He boasted and I almost rolled my eyes. Way too proud of his powers. And Aunt Penelope fell for this rude guy. May God give her some straight thinking mind. "Well, Satan, we don't possess powers. We couldn't illuminate our rooms by just flicking our fingers." His eyes narrowed dangerously as he pulled me closer to him as I was still floating in the air. "Are you mocking me, human?" He growled lowly and my eyes widened as I shook my head, looking at him pleadingly. "No! No. I... . I was merely telling you the truth. Please get me down. I told you, I didn't mean to summon you! It was just my curiousity that led me here. Why would any sane human would try to even summon you!? Please get me down and let me go back to earth, my house. I have a job to get back to. My boss is really insolent. She will deduct my wages and you have no idea how high the rents are there!" Satan looked at me with his eyebrows scrunched together. He tilted his face to the side as he pulled me further closer to him before he leaned back in his bed. "What?" "Of course, you don't know what rent is. You own a f*****g realm! But trust me, life back on earth is really, really hard. I work two shifts to pay my bills and if you delay anymore in sending me back to earth, my boss will really kick me out of my job. And trust me, you don't know how hard it is to find jobs nowadays." I blabbered. "Tch. Tch. Then think of your job already gone, human. I'm not sending you back on earth anytime soon. You will bear the consequences of ruining my sleep just because you were bored." My eyes widened at his rude remark. He.... he won't send me back? "Now...... nowal that's unfair! I told you, that was unintentional. And besides, that chant book was sold in millions! Millions of people chant those spells every minute. Are you going to abduct them too?" He smiled cruelly as he shook his head, getting the duvet on his body and I felt heat travelling inside me. How can he use blanket when it was so hot in here? "Not all of them chant those spells, all night. Especially the night I was supposed to sleep after being awake for a hundred years, human." I felt a shiver passing down my body at his words. He seemed so keen on taking revenge from me that I knew he won't spare me now. I bit my lips, looking at him with a sheepish smile as he was glaring at me in raw anger. "I swear, I won't disturb you again. You can sleep now. Just... just let me go back home." He rose his brows at my offer as he pushed me further up in the air, making me squeal. If I stayed here for the rest of my life, he would make me live in the air, floating. "I can't sleep every night, human. The only time I am allowed to sleep was the night you ruined yesterday. Every time I tried to concentrate on my sleep, your f*****g chants didn't let me sleep. So, if you think, after ruining my sleep, I'll let you go home so easily, then human, how mistaken are you." "You can't keep me here! It's against the rules!" He rose his brows with an amused smile on his face as he stood up from his bed and I struggled to not appreciate how charming the devil really was. No wonder, Aunt Penelope wanted to impress him. Only if she knew, he likes to keep the humans in the air, hanging. Sigh. "Are you forgetting, little human, you are in my realm. The only rules that work here are my rules. And you will live here until I don't feel like you've suffered enough for ruining my sleep. Because of you, I would have to spend another hundred years without a wink of sleep." I pinched my brows together, looking at him for solicitation of forgiveness but he seemed unfazed. No wonder, he was the cruellest of all the devils and evil powers. "You know, what were the last words of my mother before she passed away?" I asked softly, trying to hit a spot but he just looked at me, bored. Show some emotions, damnit! How am I supposed to seek his sympathy when he looks this impassive. When he didn't say anything, I answered my own question. "That an eye for an eye makes the world blind." I lied. My mother had never said any such thing. If anything, she herself believed in revenge but the Satan didn't had to know that. "Good for the blind world then, human, I could sleep in peace, for there won't be any imbecile human, reading my chants because they were bored." He shot back in anger and I flinched back from his anger. I really did ruin his sleep, it seems. "And, my infuriating human, your mother is already in the hell. I doubt a woman paying for her sins in hell would say such things." "Fine, tell me, where will I live from now? And please, keep the rents reasonable, okay? And get me a good paying job, will you?" "This is smaller than the room I used to live in." I complained when Satan showed me my room. It was ridiculously small. The room had no bed, no sheets, only a carpet, to compensate for the bed and the sheets. Much to my disappointment, the room was dark too, with only candles kept on the sides of the room. There was a small table in the corner where a jar of water and no food. "Be grateful I'm not burning you in the fire of hell, human. Because for the crime you committed, you shouldn't even be allowed to take another breath. Or maybe I should simply take your sleep away from you and make you realize how it feels to work without a wink of sleep!" He growled at me, taking a threatening step towards me. I almost flinched back. "You can't punish me for something that isn't a sin! I..... I will protest against this. I'll protest against you!" I said, narrowing my eyes and his molten orbs for eyes glowed dangerously at my threat. Well, it wasn't a threat, considering how I would eventually protest against his bullying. "And in front of whom will you seek for justice, human?" He asked me with dark humor and I licked my lips. Damn, I didn't think about that. "I have a name you know. A very beautiful name. You don't need to call me human as an insult, Satan." I said instead. I didn't knew how to respond to his question and I was too proud to back away now. "You can call me Leah Summers from now on." I said and he scoffed, flicking his fingers as the room illuminated with lights all of a sudden, making me flinch from the sudden light that surrounded the room. "Look, human, go and sleep. I'm letting you sleep. Because tomorrow you'll need energy to work. You won't be living here for free. Especially after you ruined my sleep." He said, glaring at me and I only raised my brows at him in response. "Who even said that I'll be staying here without working? I am a very self-dependent person. I earn my own livelihood." I said, glaring at him with even more intensity. "Good for you, human. Gain as much as sleep you can. Because tomorrow is going to be hard. Way harder than you had it on the earth." He said and I scoffed at his assumptions. He thought, I had it easy on earth. Correct! Like working two shifts was not hard. Try to complete with graduation with basically no time to study is very easy. And then having no-one at home to ask you about your well being is f*****g peachy! Of course. "Good night, Satan. At what time do you expect me to report for work?" I asked him and he looked at me, a little stunned. Did he really expect me to not work at all? How does he expect me to live here without earning at all? "You'll know. Hell works different than your realm, human. You're be up when you'll be expected to be. Dress up in the clothes I'll send for you tomorrow, considering how you didn't bring anything with yourself." He said and I closed my eyes to take a deep breath. How many times do I need to explain him that it wasn't my fault! I didn't even knew those chants could work. I didn't even perform any ritual. Everything just..... happened. I had to leave my jobs behind to entertain the Satan with a s**t for an attitude. "I guess, that's it for the day? I'll see you tomorrow." I said and he gave me one last glare before leaving the room, he gave to me. Isn't this how washrooms on earth looked like? Maybe better than this. Taking a deep breath, I walked towards the table and gripped the jar of water. I was thirsty. This place was just too hot. He didn't even leave a damn glass to drink from. Rolling my eyes, I lifted the jar and smelled it. It smelled clean. So, I pressed my lips against the cool surface of the metal and gulped it down. Even the water tasted bitter here. Or maybe it's the pollution on my earth that changed the taste of the water. Either way, this tasted bad. Bitter. Grimacing, I placed the jar down and started to walk towards the carpet. My new bed. Ah, such a pleasant day. There were nearly fifty candles lining the room. And I had to blew each one before sleeping. I only left two candles burning. Letting me atleast know if someone decided to get in the room. I lied down, uncomfortably. The floor seemed too rough and solid against my back. I let out a sigh, closing my eyes as I tried to sleep here. At least, he didn't burn me alive. Or maybe, he would do that one day. The thought made me shiver. A single tear rolled down my eyes as I turned to my side. My body shook as I let out a silent cry. I wanted to go back home. No matter how lonely it got there, no matter how small my house was and no matter if I had no one else sharing the house, I actually loved living there. I didn't had to be scared. I was never scared there. That was my own house. But this— this was hell. And I was here without any sins. Maybe. I was here because Aunt Penelope wanted to meet the f*****g Satan. If I ever get out of this hell, I'll tell her that Satan isn't as charming as she thinks he is. If anything, he is an arrogant and inconsiderate son of a bachelor! Wiping my tears, I clenched my eyes shut. To sleep. Hoping that when I get up, I am in my room, waking up from this nightmare, laughing at the ridiculous power our minds have to show us anything it desires. But deep down, I knew, I was screwed. If Aunt Penelope heard me using language like this, she would have chastised me for being unladylike. That men like Satan don't appreciate women speaking such profanities. A woman who was desiring another man when her own husband was very much alive, undivorced. Her only motto in life was to lure Satan and become his woman. And it was really dumb to even think like that. She wanted to be Satan's most cherished woman. . With a heavy heart, I tried my best to fall asleep.
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