The Human And The Satan

age gap
magical world

What can happen if you read some random chants?

What can happen if you mistakenly call devil's number?

What more can happen to you when you land in Hell and find that the devil has found some interest in you?

Leah Summers was one such woman. One night when the electricity was off, she lit some candles around her for light. And out of her boredom she started reading some chants from the book her Aunt had gifted her?

Things went wrong when the chants actually worked. What possibly can get wrong when she got teleported to another world, another realm, ruled by Satan himself? Unknown of the crazy, magical world, Leah finds herself deeper in the mess. Not to mention the weird pull she has for Satan is also scary. Especially when they all know how evil Satan can be. Or maybe he can make an exception for her?

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~Leah~ It was dark. As dark as the Satan's soul. The storm was raging outside and the city was out of electricity. Aunt Penelope had told me world would one day drown in the darkness of Satan. Bullshit, if you ask me. She has been working as a witch from past thirty years. She says she can talk with Satan. I would always laugh at how she used to boast her relationship with him. He is a smart man. He knows how to control the evil. She would often tell me. Her fascination with Satan never ended there, she had performed more than a century of spells and rituals to meet Satan but he had never shown his face. I often hear his voice whispering in my ears. Aunt Penelope said me when I went to her house for summer holidays. His voice is soothing. Like a melody. He often puts me to sleep. She always told us. Chloe always laughed at how she would play music on the radio when her mother performs any ritual. Chloe had told me how her mother had always been crazy for Satan. The idea of meeting him, loving him had always been on her wishlist. I never understood how can anyone love Satan. The devil. The most evil devil. The clouds roared outside with rage. I jumped from fear. Fear kills a person's spirit. The voice of my father rang in my head and I sighed standing up from my sofa as I tried to navigate my way through the darkness, bumping in a few things, hissing and wincing all the way to the cabinet before I removed some candles. My arm accidentally hitting the sharp edge of the cabinet making something warm to crawl out of my skin. Blood, maybe. The cut burn me but I had no first aid kit in my house. Dumb, I know. But I had no medicines. I walked back to my only a hall for a house and sat down, placing the candles on the ground before removing the lighter from my pocket to lit the candles. The packet of cigarette fell down when I removed my lighter. My heart curled to smoke one. Just one. But then I remembered the promise Chloe took from me. Promise me, you won't smoke ever again. Being the dumb cousin, I also gave her my words. But she won't know if I smoke one. I thought but a part of me scolded that even if Chloe won't know, I would always remember how I broke Chloe's promise. I pushed the packet of cigarette back in my sweats. Only for you, Chloe. Only for you. The storm raged outside, making my heart to beat loudly and I knew I had to divert my mind. But how? My phone had ran out of its battery. This is what procrastination does to a person. I was chanting the almighty God's name, to keep my fear as away as I could but like they say, fear is a powerful sword. And why would the almighty Lord help me when I had considered atheism? After a few more minutes of jumping and fearing, my eyes fell on the book, Aunt Penelope had gifted me for my twenty third birthday. 'Happy Birthday, my dearest niece. May you learn a few chants and impress the devils that reside in the darkest realm.' Weird blessing, I know but that's my Aunt Penelope to you. Sometimes I think she had sacrificed her whole life just to impress the Satan because she think he is as tempting as the orange flame. Fictions can do that to you. Scoffing, I opened the new book, glancing at the chants written in them with beautiful italic font. They were in written in English and yet they weren't in English. But the meaning of the chants were written down along with the instructions. How can someone summon Satan by chanting a few spells? Rolling my eyes, I started reading the chants out of curiosity. As I read the first chant, a drop of blood dropped down on the floor, making me realise I was still bleeding. Sighing, I grabbed a washcloth to wrap it around my arm before I started reading the chants. They were quite interesting. Oh, my devil king, I summon you to bless me with the melody of your beautiful voice. The translation read and I rolled my eyes. Satan has a melodious voice? Well that's new. But it was still better than the storm raging outside. The storm continued all night, it was dark all night. So I kept on reading the chant book all night. It made my mind to divert from the storm. It was almost dawn, the storm had calmed down and the rain had stopped pouring too but that's when I felt something weird around myself. The blood that had fallen down from my arm suddenly formed a cyclone, gripping my right leg before I was pulled inside the blood cyclone. How gross. But shockingly, it didn't smell like blood, instead it smelt like fire. Like someone had dropped me from an aeroplane from a height, I felt falling down but through the crust and earth. Heat was increasing with every passing second of my fall and I felt like someone was roasting me and yet I was not burning. Strange things were happening and even stranger odour was filling my nose. Not pleasant but not unpleasant too. It was different. Very different. And then suddenly the cyclone ceased and I was thrown into a dark chamber. No, maybe a very large room. I blinked my eyes several times to get rid of the dust that kept irritating my eyes. Slowly, I regained my vision. As I lifted my head from the ground, my eyes met the golden pools of lava, like he had fire for eyes. I gulped at how intently they were boring into my brown one's. I was no longer in my hall. Or in my house, instead I was in a room of a stranger, a man, I had never ever seen in my life before. I doubt, he wasn't even a human. His golden molten orbs were gazing at me with such intensity that made me shiver from within. He was partially lying on the bed, like a king. His skin was fairly tanned, his face was impassive as ever. He was dressed in a black shirt, a first few buttons opened and a pair of black pants. His dark locks fell on his forehead. Now that I realised, his room was black too, there was no trace of any other color. The fire flared outside his windows and suddenly the twenty fifth page of the book flashed in my mind. Devil has fire for eyes and darkness for color. He is as beautiful as the sun; he is fierce but unforgiving. Face like carved by the most popular artist. He is the Satan, no-one has ever imagined to be. The most beautiful but the one with the most sins. So he was the Satan?

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