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Hello my beautiful readers! As a reminder, my books are labeled 'steamy'. This means that they will be filled with lots of detailed steamy scenes. This book will have lots of sėx scenes, violence, profane language, and at times, maybe even some sort of abuse, so if you don't feel comfortable with that, please skip those chapters. I will try to have trigger warnings as much as possible, but sometimes I may forget. As always, thank you for the love and support! XOXO, NiMarie *** PLEASE REVIEW AS THE STORY GOES ALONG! Character Description Golden Claw Pack: ~Alpha Caleb Blackwell- Brown hair, brown eyes, 6’8. Nickname: N/A Age: 26 yrs. Wolf: Beau, Black wolf Lycan: Roman Scent: Oreos Mate: Nadia ~Luna Nadia Rae- Blonde hair, hazel eyes, 6’0. Nickname: N/A Age: 18 yrs. Wolf: Ambar, Silver wolf Lycan: Bridget Scent: Pecan Mate: Caleb ~Son: Caspian Blackwell ~Beta Kimberly Hunt- Blonde hair, green eyes, 6’0. Nickname: Kim Age: 26 yrs. Wolf: Alita, Blonde wolf Scent: Chocolate Mate: Lucas ~Gamma Brett Brown- Brown hair, hazel eyes, 6’8. Nickname: N/A Age: 26 yrs. Wolf: Zeus, Brown wolf Scent: Pineapple Other Golden Claw Pack Members: ~Alpha Miles Blackwell (Caleb’s Dad/ Prior Alpha)- Brown hair, brown eyes, 6’10. Nickname: N/A Age: 52 yrs. Wolf: Dom, Black wolf Mate: Jennifer ~Luna Jennifer Blackwell (Caleb’s Mom/ Prior Luna)- Brunette hair, hazel eyes, 5’11, curvy. Nickname: Jen Age: 52 yrs. Wolf: Mel, Brown wolf Mate: Miles ~Karina Rae (Nadia’s Mom)- Blonde hair, hazel eyes, 5’11. ~Warrior Aiden Huxley- Brown hair, blue eyes, 6’5. ~Warrior Lisa Ford- Brunette hair, gray eyes, 6’0. ~Warriors Wilson Knight- Black hair, brown eyes, 6’6. ~Warriors Blake Young- Brown hair, hazel eyes, 6’6. ~Doctor Peterson ~Nurse- Lucy ~Waxing lady- Gema Other Packs: Black Alder Pack (Previous Pack): ~Alpha Hunter Black- Black hair, hazel eyes, 6’9. Age: 29 yrs. Wolf: Vin, Black wolf Mate: Tisha / Lavendar ~Beta Adam Brody- Black hair, hazel eyes, 6’5. Age: 29 yrs. Wolf: Ade, Black wolf ~Prior Beta Vance Rae ~Gamma Andre Jones- Blonde hair, green eyes, 6’5. Age: 25 Wolf: Jack, Blonde wolf Blue Moon Pack: ~Alpha Dexter Jefferson- Brown hair, hazel eyes, 6’9. Age: 52 yrs. ~Beta Rex Burkhead- Blonde hair, blue eyes, 6’5. Age: 45 yrs. ~Annabelle Jefferson (Dexter’s Daughter)-Black long hair, gray eyes, 5’11. Age: 25 yrs. *Aunt’s cousin (Daniella) is lycan and ex of Zane. ~Ivy Jefferson (Dexter’s Mate)- Brunette hair, hazel eyes, 5’11. Lycan Blood Pack: ~King Zane Stanley- Brown hair, dark green eyes, 6’9. Age: 30 yrs. Lycan: Remus, Brown ~Justin Russ (Friend/ assistant)- Blonde hair, hazel eyes, 6’5. Age: 29 yrs. Lycan: Trey, Blonde wolf Lycan Rebels: ~Nicholas Patterson Lycan: Stacy Warlocks: ~Allen Grayson- Gray hair, blue eyes, 6’7 Age: Old as hell Mate: Lucia Love ~Tisha Grayson- Purple hair, blue eyes, 6’0 Age: Old as dirt Mate: Hunter Nickname: Darling ~Sons: Harley Black, twins (Brandon & Landon Black), newborn.
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