Chapter 1

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*Nadia’s POV* “Nadia, sweetheart, you have to wake up.” My mother shook me by my arms lightly. I grumbled in my sleep before turning around and hugging my pillow. “Nadia.” She whispered softly. “They found us.” I heard her voice tremble. My eyes shot open as I looked at her anguished face. “No.” I whispered as the usual tears threatened to fall. “We don’t have time to waste.” She said as she threw me the bag she always prepared for us when we were on the run. We rushed out the door at top speed. “The alpha said that we could use the western border since the warriors were called to the northern side as a distraction.” She mind linked me as we picked up speed. My hands became clammy as the memories started rushing back. *Flashback* “Happy birthday!” My mother and father shouted together as they placed the big cookies and cream cake in front of me. The candle on the cake lightened the room even more, making me beam at my parents. “Make a wish, sweet pea.” Father whispered, making me giggle. I grabbed my long blonde hair with both hands, preparing to tie my hair with a hair tie when they both gasped. “No!” My mother cried as she buried her face in my father’s neck. “What?” I asked in panic. “What happened?” “You have been sealed.” My father cried, making me gulp. “Sealed?” I squeaked out, trying to swallow the thick lump that had invaded my throat. There was no way that a lycan had sealed me. When did I meet one? Mother was always careful when we left the pack house. We knew the chances were high since I was born a beta, which was why I rarely stepped out of the house. I hated it and I always wished for more liberty like my friends. All the carefulness was for nothing because some asšhole lycan claimed me as his! Why couldn’t lycans wait for their fated mate like everyone else? Why did they have to force a seal on anyone of their choosing? I hate it! I hate them! I hate it all! I looked at my forearm, tracing the tattoo that appeared moments after I officially turned sixteen. “You have to go.” Father told Mother, pushing her away. “You too.” He said as he ushered us out of the door. “I can’t leave without you.” Mother sobbed, gripping onto father’s arms. “You can and you will!” He growled. “Don’t ever turn back! I, Beta—“ He was saying when Mother and I screamed for him to stop. “I won’t let them get to you because of me!” He roared, wiping away his tears. “I, Beta Vance Rae, reject you, Karina Rae, as my mate and you, Nadia Rae, as my daughter.” He sobbed as he gripped his chest in pain. The pain in my chest and the fear I had made the room spin so quickly that I went straight down before I could process what was happening. *End of Flashback* Goddess, I wish things had remained like before that day. We were so happy back then. But goddess knows what happened after that. All I know is that I never saw my father again and we have been on the run ever since. Mother and I try to never talk about it, but I see the hurt and pain in her eyes. She never once blamed me for being the reason for losing her mate. Even when I hear her crying in her room when the pain becomes too much. Sometimes I wonder if I should just give in and forget about running, but then I think about the sacrifices that my parents had to make. I just don’t think it is fair to keep dragging Mother into this. If the lycan finds us, she is dead for keeping me away. And I? I don’t want to think about what they’d be capable of. I was just so tired of running. Like in general. We have been running for years. Yes, we have been accepted for a few packs, but we never last more than three months before we receive word that they are coming for me. Luckily, the alphas that took us in knew my story, so they are willing to help to some extent. They take us in until they find out that an attack is coming. They let us know as soon as the pack seers sees an attack on the pack. They are willing to help me but not sacrifice the whole pack. I can’t blame them though, because lycans are very powerful and ruthless. Even more than some alphas. That’s why my parents refuse to let a lycan claim me. We have heard all the horror stories. All the she-wolves that are sealed by one never last more than a year. Long enough to carry and birth an heir before they casually disappear for good. Regardless, Mother was tired of risking the packs that we hid out in. She said that this was the last time. I guess we are officially rogues. Which is crazy, since that makes us even more of a target. If a pack finds us, we will probably be killed on the spot. There was no way that my life could get any worse. … We had been running for hours in both human and wolf form when I begged Mother for a break. Maybe water would be good? I didn’t know my muscles ached like never before. As soon as we saw a river, Mother slowed down, motioning towards it with her snout. “We have to be quick, Nadia.” She mind linked me as her eyes roamed the forest. “You go first. We can’t both be distracted.” I sighed as I approached the water. I wished this had been a longer stop. I wanted to rest for a few minutes at least. I dipped my snout in the water and began drinking water when I heard branches breaking nearby. Ambar, my wolf, was on high alert immediately as she perked her ears. Mother’s wolf positioned herself in front of me. “Don’t make a sound. If you find a chance to leave, do it.” She said through our link. “No.” I choked out. “I will not leave you.” “You will do as I said.” She said right as a large rogue jumped in front of us.
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