Chapter three

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I jumped awake, clutching my chest. I didn’t know why I woke up, but there was this nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach. I got out of bed and stumbled over to Anna’s. My breath got stuck in the back of my throat. It was empty. I ran towards the door to put the light on. Her bag was gone, all her stuff. She was gone. I saw a little note on the bedside table. I picked it up and started reading it. My eyes filled with tears; she left me behind. Elizabeth, I’m so sorry, but I need to go. I can’t take this anymore. I hope you are right. I hope he’s good to you. But you can’t trust him. I just can’t anymore. I don’t want to end up like my mom. I hope we’ll see each other again and that we both get what we wanted. Love Anna I placed the note back on my bedside table and fell to the ground. I couldn’t believe she left. I understood, but I had really hoped she would wait. She was my life; she was like a sister to me. What was I going to do? Should I go after her? I don’t know which way she went. We hadn’t made a plan, but we had agreed to wait. I walked around the house; I didn’t know what to do. I was pacing in the living room, the same spot she was pacing in hours ago. She left me alone. I should’ve gone with her. She was right. Why did I keep hoping our pack would change? These monsters would never change. Anger started coursing through me, and Kira stirred in my mind. I always kept her behind lock and key. She wanted to shift and fight. I only shifted two times. It only hurt me. “It will hurt less if you shift more often.” Kira’s voice was soft and kind. “I’m sorry, Kira.” I kept her locked up for so long, but now she was all that I had left. I tried to calm down. I really needed to get some sleep. “If you let me out more, I could’ve followed Anna’s scent,” Kira said. “This is not going to make me feel less guilty, Kira,” I said, trying to push her back. I sighed. “Let’s just get some sleep.” The sounds of heavy knocks slowly woke me up. I glanced at the clock; it was already ten in the morning. Shit. I jumped up and put some clothes on. Just after I got dressed, my front door was kicked in, and Boris and Charles walked in, glancing around. The anger that coursed through their eyes couldn’t be missed. I searched for a way out, but it was too late. Boris already saw me; he walked over to me. Just before he could grab me, Charles got in between. Why was he stopping Boris? Charles turned towards me while his gaze roamed around the room. “Where is Anna?” he said, with a calmness on his face, a calm before the storm. “I don’t know where she is, she didn’t wake me,” I said, hoping they couldn’t see through my lies. The moment Charles noticed the note on the bedside table, he pushed me aside, making me fall to the ground. He picked up the note and read it quickly. The growl that formed in his chest made my legs tremble in fear. “Boris, send out a search party, we have a runner.” I could see a smirk forming on Boris’ face. They are going to enjoy hunting her down. “I don’t know where she went,” I said. I didn’t want them to punish me for her leaving. Charles grabbed my hair and dragged me outside. He tossed me to the ground. My face was covered in dirt. I tried to get up but was stopped by a kick to my stomach. I grunted. Charles tried to kick me for a second time when Boris stopped him. “Bring her to Bolton. He will punish her.” Charles picked me off the ground and patted the dirt off me. He pointed his finger at me. “Don’t tell Bolton I kicked you.” There wasn’t a sound leaving my lips; I quickly nodded. Charles and Boris took me to Bolton. The closer we got to his house, the more fear I felt. I wasn’t sure what Bolton would do to me. When we arrived at his house, Charles gave me a push on my back, nudging me in his own way inside. The anger in his eyes hadn’t disappeared, but still I feared Bolton more than Charles. With trembling strides, I moved to the front door and tapped it, waiting for it to open. “Go inside!” Charles said with a growl. “Stupid w***e,” Boris mumbled under his breath. I ignored his remark and walked inside and sat down on the same spot as last night and let out a breath. I didn’t know where Bolton was. What do I do? Just sit here and wait? After an hour of waiting in the darkness of his home, Bolton walked in. His rage moved from him in waves, making me whimper in response. The silence that surrounded us, made my fear only rise further. He strode past me, as if I wasn’t even here and went out of sight. I nervously fidgeted with my hands. When Bolton came back, it seemed he had freshened himself up a bit, but his anger hadn’t faltered. He sat on the table before me and grabbed my hands. I hoped the anger in his eyes wasn’t directed at me, but there was only one way to find out. “Do you know where Anna is? Did you know she was planning on leaving?” His voice was steady like he didn’t want to sound angry. But his eyes gave him away. “I don’t know where she went, I promise.” He had a white-knuckle grip on my hands. “Did you know?” he asked. “Yes and no…” I couldn’t finish my sentence; he slapped my face with the back of his hand. The sharp sting on my cheek made my eyes water. I grabbed the side of my face in response and held my tongue. Kira was growling inside my mind, a sound that wasn’t helping me now. When I dared to meet Bolton’s eyes again, I noticed how he was pinching the bridge of his nose. It seemed as if he tried his best to remain calm. Maybe he didn’t want to hit me but couldn’t stop himself. With trembling hands, I dared to take his. “I knew she wanted to leave. I wanted to leave. It isn’t the best place to live as a she-wolf. But after last night, I thought I had convinced her to stay. She must have left when I was asleep. Please don’t hurt her when you find her,” I pleaded with him. I didn’t want him to hurt me, but I wasn’t lying to him. He needed to see that. He finally met my eyes again. “Just hope we won’t find her,” he said while walking out of his house. I let out a breath I’d been holding. “You shouldn’t trust him,” Kira said. “I know Kira, but I don’t want to die. Trying to make the best out of this situation.” “You know, he only wants you as his Luna because of who you are,” she said. What was she talking about? “What do you mean?” Kira sighed. “If you would shift more often, you would know. He knows, he smells it.” Kira moved to the back of my mind again. What is she talking about? Maybe I should shift more often. But this place isn’t the best place to walk around naked. My stomach rumbled. I had to eat something soon. I didn’t know if I could eat something from his fridge. I waited for another thirty minutes before getting up and walking over to his kitchen. I pulled open the fridge in search of some food and my eyes widened in disbelief. All fresh fruits and vegetables. It smelled amazing. We never had food like this. I see where all the money goes. I took some strawberries and hoped to find some bread. It tasted amazing. I couldn’t even remember eating something like this. I savored every bite. I always had this thing for strawberries and bread, maybe it was something my real mom used to make. I was in my own bubble, a bubble without fear, without pain. I hadn’t even noticed Bolton coming back. He was eying me from the doorway while his eyes were flickering to his wolf. The bubble burst, and the fear came rushing back.
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