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Third Person’s “Next!” One of the talent managers shouted and a tall, skinny, white, and beautiful girl stood in front of three guys. “What is your name, age, height, and weight?" The guy on the left side asked. “Hello. My name is Kristine Jang, 19 years old, 5 feet and 11 inches and my weight is 48 kilos. I'm half British and half Korean." “No wonder why you have beautiful features because you're half-blood. So tell us, what can you do?" The guy in the middle questioned. “I can do dancing, singing, and acting,” she humbly answered. “Wow. Talented. Sing for us,” The guy on the right told. So, she cleared her throat first, and then, she sang 'True Colors' in the Korean language and after that, the three judges nodded in amusement. “Dance and sing for us,” The guy in the middle said. And with that, she projected her body and she started singing and dancing 'Kill this Love' in acapella. The three judges smiled at her performance because she is good at the two main characters that they have been looking for. “Okay. Stop,” The guy in the middle called. She stopped as they said and she stood in the middle like an innocent girl. “First of all, I love the way you sing. You have a very soft but husky voice. And, I was amazed because you can rap. That is exactly what we have been looking for. Someone that can sing and rap at the same time and you nailed it,” The guy on the left complimented. “Second, the way you project while dancing is perfection. You are the second so far that has an incredible talent,” The guy on the right told. “I have nothing to say because you got what we all have been looking for so, you passed. Welcome to the SG Entertainment. You can come here tomorrow morning to start your practice,” The guy in the middle spoke highly of her. And when she heard that she passed, she bowed to the three a lot of times with a smile on her lips, and because finally her dream to be a K-pop idol is about to become true. The following days, she attended the practice and she goes along with other talented people who are doing singing and dancing all at the same time. In a matter of three months, she mastered the two that many colleagues admired because of the way she sings and dances that is why they started to call her 'The bolder', because she has a strong or vivid performance, she is confident every time she performs, and she always dares to do something new like a true risk-taker. TWO YEARS LATER The time has come when they announced that she has been chosen to do her first solo debut. She is so happy because she is just one step away from becoming a true K-pop idol. At the age of 21, she released her first single 'First time', and in just 24 hours it became first in the bulletin chart of music and because of that, she won her first trophy as the 'New Star of 2020' award. In one year, she has recorded four single solo songs and they all got an award. Then, she gets another trophy after another, and another makes her popular in Korea, and becomes a true K-pop idol, finally. She began to have tv guesting now and then which made her name go around in every country and that is when she started to do a world tour for her first album. Her first country was the Philippines, followed by Japan, the U.S.A., Canada, London, and Australia. She has become a famous solo singer and with that, her true identity has been revealed and everyone came to know that she belonged to one of the richest families in Asia. KRISTINE'S “Ms. Jang, we're here." I opened my eyes when my manager spoke in the driver's seat. “Thank you, Manager Kim." I am about to open the door to my side when my assistant took the door instead. “Let me do it, Ms. Jang,” Bona said politely grinning at me so, I smiled back at her. “Thank you, Bona," I responded, feeling grateful for her. I went out in the van and go upstairs heading to the office of the president of SG Entertainment. I knocked twice on the door and when I heard someone say 'come in', I opened the door and got inside to see the president with a strange guy who is standing beside him. I bowed my head to greet them and they returned the greeting as well, respectfully. “Ms. Jang, please have a seat,” the president acknowledged me and I sat on the couch facing the two men. “Before I discuss your project I want you first to know my son, Michael. Michael, she is Kristine Jang. My precious, Ms. Kristine Jang. She is one of the reasons why this Entertainment is still running in business and continues recruiting talented individuals just like you," the President introduced me with a lot of flowery words towards me. So, the guy's name is Michael. I must say that he's good-looking and has charisma but he is not my type. I've seen enough guys like him. “Nice to meet you,” I smiled. Then unexpectedly, he walks towards me and laid his hand in front of me in a gentlemanly way and me being respectful, I gladly took his hand and shook it. “It's nice to meet you, too, Ms. Jang.” And he sat to the side on the other couch. Now, I wondered why this guy is here. Don't tell me he got a business here, too. “Ms. Jang,” Mr. President spoke so, my eyes turned to him and we looked at each other. “I called you here and the reason why my son is here is that he will be the one to hold your future whereabouts. Your manager already knows that. On the other hand, I'm glad to inform you that you'll be having your tour in Dubai then after that, you'll have your concert in Vietnam. You have a back-to-back tour but, don't worry because after that you can have your rest," he informed me. My schedule is full again. I'm planning to have a vacation but, I think I'm gonna postpone it because of the fan’s demand. Ever since I became a K-pop Idol, I always put my fan's demands first because I wouldn't be where I am today without them so, I am just returning the same gratitude they are giving to me. I smiled at Mr. President. “Tell me, when will the tour in Dubai start?" I asked curiously. “You'll leave here tomorrow so, you can have time to practice and adjust to the climate there." I nodded. “I see. Is that all?" “Yes, Ms. Jang. You can now leave and do whatever you desire to do since today is your off and from tomorrow onwards, you'll be needing your full energy." I stood up after he talked. “I'll be going, then. See you tomorrow." I took a step when I hear Michael speak behind my back. “Be ready at 8 am because I don't tolerate tardiness. Are we clear on that?" I turned my body to face Michael who has a serious face staring at me. Wow. This guy is showing his true colors on the first day of the meeting. Fascinating. But that's much better than being all goody in front of me than talking behind my back, right? I gave him my sweet smile in return for his remark. “Sure. You'll see me here at 6 am because, to be honest...tardiness is not on my vocabulary," I mentioned with full of confidence in me. And because I don't want to get embarrassed in front of him. And I left the room with my head held high. NOHA'S I heard the gun and with that, I slapped the butt of the horse and run away. I look to my right side and my cousin Rajah is running at the same speed I have so, I tapped the horse again and accelerated. In a split minute, I reached the finish line and I am still the winner in today's competition. I went down from the horse and so is my cousin and we high-fived. “You are still fast. Nothing changes at you. Just your age, Prince Noha. How delightful." We both chuckled at what he said because it was true. My age might change every year but my body built and my status in life are all the same. I and my cousin got off the race track. “Prince Noha, your highness,” one of my servants said and he offered me a towel and he lowered his head at me as a sign of respect. I grabbed the towel and rubbed my face to remove the sweat running down my jaw. “I envy you, Prince Noha." I stopped rubbing my face with the towel and gave it to one of the servants standing at the side, I and my cousin Rajah continued walking inside my Palace anyways. “There's nothing to be envy, Rajah. I am more pleased to live like you. You have a normal life while as the Prince of Dubai, many things are on my shoulders. It's not easy to be the Prince,” I told contradicting what my cousin had said. It's never easy to be a Prince if he just knows. “I'm gonna go now, Rajah. See you when I see you." “Yes, go ahead and you have other things to do.” He gave me a tap on my back twice and he left. I want to take a warm bath after a sweaty ride. I closed the gold door behind me and while walking going to the big gold bathtub, I removed my clothes to reveal my very visible muscles and six-pack abs leaving me all naked. I went inside the big tub and took my seat as I relaxed my body into it. I, then, closed my eyes, too. I never wish to be the Prince of Dubai but what will I do? I was born this way. Some things are hard to face when you have this kind of title such as being firm and dominant because people should follow you and serve you. Whilst, there are perks of being popular and powerful in this country. Soon, I got inside my room and I left the towel in my lower region to look for the clothes to wear when the door suddenly opened and a woman got inside my room. “Apologies, Prince Noha. But your wife—“ “No, it's okay.” I cut my guard and I let Maryam stay in my room. My eyes diverted to Maryam, my first wife, while she glared at me. “What do you want, Maryam?" I asked in a serious tone. “You know what I want, Noha." “If you are here because you want to sleep with me, I decline,” I blankly responded. I looked away from her and wear my clothes when two arms wrapped around my torso. She is hugging me from the back which stops me from moving. "I heard you will go to Egypt tonight. Why you didn't tell me? I want to come with you or if you don't want just grant my wish to sleep with you for just one night,” she pleaded. Her begging will not work on me. So with the force, I pulled her both hands and pushed her a little away from me but I am still gripping her wrist. I gave her a menacing look. “For Christ's sake, Maryam, have shame on yourself. I never want to sleep with you and it'll never gonna happen." I pushed her letting go of her while she rubbed both wrists and her eyes became watery. “I'm your first wife, Noha! Why are you doing this to me? I should have all your attention but because of the simple mistake I did you just throw me out. I am still your wife!" “You cheated, remember? I have no business with a woman like you. Sign the divorce paper and you'll not be accused of cheating." “No. I won't ever sign the divorce paper." “Then, I got no business with you,” I firmly and greedily told and I left my room with a full suite that the four servants walk with me at my back. D*mn that woman. How dare she go to my room? “Bring her to her room. Don't let her out unless I say so,” I commanded while gritting my teeth for I am annoyed by what she has done. “Yes, Prince Noha,” One of the servants replied. Then, on my way, I saw Fatima in the hallway and she is wearing a seductive sleeveless dress and a mini skirt when she went in front of me and smiled at me like she is seducing me. I sent her a cold stare. “Leave my sight or I'm going to throw you out like the last time,” I threatened. Without her saying a counter back, she get out of my way and I continued walking. “What a ruthless Prince,” she mumbled. I stopped walking and went back to her and pushed her against the wall with her arms up. I gave her a dagger look while based on her face, she is hurting by how the way I held her both wrists. But I don't give a f*cking care about her. “Remember my words, Fatima. Never show yourself to me again. I may be ruthless but you are worthless." She gritted her teeth. "Not just maybe because you are ruthless! What I did is just to throw a one party because I was happy to be your fourth wife but you, you sent my family away from me!" she angrily yelled in my face. That'll not work for me. I pushed her both wrists more and got my face closer to hers to stare at her seriously. “You disobeyed the rules. And what happens to the people who disobey? Punishments. You deserve it." “To hell with you, Noha! Now I regret being your fourth wife! Let go of me!" She tried to unclasp herself from my grip but I am stronger than her. “We're mutual. Divorce me if you want but I know you can't because if you do, you will surely be in the street now and begging for alms." And, I let go of her to resume walking and I don't give a f*ck how she lives her life. Why did I even get married to them? My first wife, Maryam, is a cheater. I loved her before but what she did is unforgivable. My second wife, Ayesha, is in her room and crying because our son died and it was all her fault. Why? Because I told her not to attend the parade the day our first son celebrated his year old but she didn't listen to me. They went to the parade where there were a lot of terrorists and that's how my first son died. I will never forgive her. I loved her but because of her being disobedient and careless, our son died. I was falling out of love with her because what she did is unforgivable. “What is my second wife doing now?” I asked while I was still walking. “Ayesha is still in her room, Prince Noha,” My servant answered behind my back. “Good." Then, I got inside the car in the passenger seat. However, my third wife, Sarah is with her family because she rather wants to accompany her sick mother than me. I lost connection with her one year ago and I never want to see her ever again. I already sent to her the divorce paper but nothing has come back to me. My fourth wife, Fatima, is a party goer and what happened a while ago was our first conversation after our marriage. I don't stand people who are breaking the rules. I don't even know why I married someone like her. Well, I found her attractive before but now, she's not. Following the rules of each individual is the basic fundamental for the relationship and if they can't follow it then, everything will be a mess. Lastly, my fifth wife, Noor, is a doctor and she barely gets home. I lost my interest in her, too. I don't care whatever she is doing at this hour. I want to divorce them but they don't give me my serenity so, that's how I deal with them. Let me just clarify who I am. I'm the Prince of Dubai and that means I am a billionaire. I have five stubborn wives and I am not happy about it. What I only want is to have a perfect family but, it seems like I am unlucky. Even though many women are in my tail because I possessed the Greek-God look I still can't find the right woman for me. I am handsome, have a charisma that will surely make all the women fall in love with my one stare, and I have a height of 6 feet and 6 inches that all men dreamt of. And, I have an undeniably perfect body figure so, why I still couldn't find my happiness? I may be ruthless, possessive, and manipulative but when I fall in love, I give everything. To be continued...
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