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THE PRINCE FOUND HIS SIXTH WIFE Noha Mohammed Rashid Al is a 28 years old man with a masculine body that many women admire and not to mention, he has a height of 6 feet and 6 inches that all men dreamt of. He is popular because of his facial feature like a Greek God in the country of Dubai as he is also known as the 'Prince of Dubai'. People recognized him as a ruthless, manipulative, and possessive Prince because he gets everything he wants easily and that same goes for women that is why he already has five wives but it seems like, he is not contented with what he has. Kristine Jang is a K-pop idol known as 'The bolder' because she can do almost anything. She's a talented girl because she can sing, dance and act that is why she became famous all of a sudden at the age of 22. Also, she has 5 feet and 11 inches in height which makes her stand out in the crowd and because she is half Korean and half British, she possesses soft, glass skin and naturally wavy hair which added to her attractiveness. One evening, they meet in a luxurious restaurant and she is so happy to be the guest of the Prince of Dubai but, it turns out that it's not what she imagines when he asks her to be one of her wives—to be her sixth wife to be exact. Will she agree to be the sixth wife of the Prince or will she reject him? Because he told her that once she rejects him, he promises to be at her tail and he will make her beg for ruining her career. Starring: Noha Mohammed Rashid-Al Kristine Jang Michael Kang Bona Manager Kim Queen Ali DISCLAIMER All the characters in this story are all created by the mischievous thought of the author so, if you happen to know and read it somewhere else then that is PURELY COINCIDENCE. PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME
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