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I ran to the Principal's office. I was scared. No, terrified. I have never been called to the office for anything. "Ah! Miss Senter, please seat down", Principal Collins said calmly. To me that was too calm. I abandoned my bag by the chair as I sat nervously. "If I was reported for anything, I can assure you that I didn't do it", I rambled, "I've never done anything wrong. I get straight A's. Well, that was before Mr. Heben took over English but still, I'm pretty smart". Principal Collins cleared her throat loudly. "Sorry" I whispered sinking into my seat. "You're not in trouble, Wiberly", she stated adjusting her glasses, "your parents called some days ago. They requested to have you out of school a week before the summer break which means you would be excused from tomorrow". "Oh" I wasn't sure what to say. She gives me an envelope, "that is the consent form", she said, "please hand it to them and ensure that it is signed and returned here tomorrow morning. You may leave now". I thanked her before leaving. I was very confused. Mom never mentioned anything about leaving school one week earlier. Sure, it's my birthday week but Principal Collins would never give her consent for that light reason. "Will!" A very familiar voice called. I turned around to watch my best friend's weak attempt of running. To be honest, Helen sucked at anything sport or sport related. "So, are we spending detention together for the first time ever?" She asked, casting me a tired smile. "No, I'm not. You still have ages to wait for that". I returned her smile. She steadied her breathing. Helen Rogers, my best friend since middle school had changed a lot. She was the perfect little girl with full brown eyes and straight brown hair then. Always doing her homework, dressing neatly, abiding by all the rules and enjoying classes. In our sophomore year, she became the exact opposite. Yet, she is still the greatest best friend. "Aw man!" She complained, "can you break one rule? Ever?" "I'm sorry but I can't. I'm never gonna be that bold. Sometimes, I wonder how we still stay friends. We're so opposite". "I know right?! You're boring but I still stick around". We both laughed at this. "What're my best friends laughing about?" I jumped a bit but I smacked Bill on the hand. "It's rude to scare someone". I was still laughing. He combed his curly hair with his fingers, "you didn't have to hit me so hard", he chuckled before adding, "miss uptight". Now, it was their turn to laugh at me. Billy Lendon is also my best friend. He's brown skin since his parents are part Africans. He's very tall, slightly muscular and cute. Well, I'm short so he might not be that tall. He was born in London (I know his surname turns this info into a joke) but he has lived in California all his life. Bill was wearing a gray sweatshirt with black joggers. He hair even looked curlier like he combed it properly. "Okay, explain this" I said motioning my hand in a circle. "Can't a guy want to look good?" He asked. "You only answer with a question when you have something hidden". I challenged. "Damn!" He said, "you know me so well. Truth is, this guy's gonna find a girl to keep him busy throughout the summer". "That's about the dumbest thing I have heard from you today. Even dumber than your answer in Chemistry class". "You call it dumb, I call it genius. I wouldn't need to do this if Helen here was available". "Ew!" Helen retorted, "I'd rather have Will here". She didn't forget her seducing wink. "You're both gross", I snickered, "you Bill, need to focus on not going to summer school. Again. And you Helen, don't you have a girlfriend?" "s**t!" Helen exclaimed, looking for her phone in her bag. "Just as I thought. You forgot". I almost giggled but Helen looked serious. Once her phone search was hopeless, she turned to me for the time. It was 2:30. "Sara is so gonna kill me", Helen nervously tucked her hair behind her ear, "she wanted me to watch her audition for the play. And she hasn't gotten over the stage fright fully. I'm useless". "No, you're not!" I held her shoulder, "just hurry there now and tell her that you couldn't tell the time. She'll forgive you". A weak smile broke on her lips. "Thanks" she kissed my cheek, hugged Bill and ran off. I wanted to shout that she wasn't allowed to kiss me anywhere but her hands are quite full now. I made a mental note to tell her later. "So... you're cheering the last game tomorrow?" Bill asked. "About that...I'm not gonna see the game", I sighed, "I have to tell Kera. The girl hates my guts so she'll be happy to get rid of me". "Why? You're not sick, are you?" He asked worried. "I'm not. Apparently, my parents want me out by tomorrow. I'm guessing it has something to do with my birthday". "But we always celebrate your birthday together. At the Pizza shack". "I don't think my parents would want my eighteenth birthday to be in a crowded shack, eating a medium sized pizza and drinking diet coke". "That's...that's a fair point". He said. "Speaking of the parents, my ride's here". I said checking my wrist watch. "I can't go with you today", he scratched the back of his head, "I have a Physics makeup test and after that..." "the regular" I completed rolling my eyes playfully, "say bye to Sara and Helen. And make sure she doesn't drink anything from your detention mates". "Sure will" he finally said. I gave him one last smile. I walked to the parking lot. Before I could reach the car, Kera stops me. "We have cheer practice, remember?" She stated with spite. This girl's attitude puts me on edge sometimes but not today. "Hello to you too" I gave a sarcastic smile. "Whatever", she rolled her dark brown eyes, "I hate to say this but we need your help on this team". "I would love to help but I won't be here for the game". My tone was as soft as possible. "What?!" She yelled. I could've sworn that her auburn hair stood up. "It's not my doing. I wanted to be at the game". I added still softly. "This team is gonna suck!", she screeched, "and it's all your fault!" She stormed away before I could say anything else. The car's honk brought me out of my gathering thoughts. I walked into the car. My Mom told me that one of her workers will be driving me home and I'll meet her at home. I thanked him after he dropped me. I casually strolled into the house. "Mom?!" I called out. I put my bag on the couch as I headed to the kitchen. "In here!" I heard her reply. She was in her room. I jogged up the stairs. Her room is normally spotless but clothes are everywhere now. "I'm just packing, you should too". She said not taking her eyes off the mess. I pulled out the envelope from my hoodie pocket and said, "this is for you". "Thank goodness. She gave her consent". She smiled taking the envelope from me. "Do you mind explaining what this is all about?" "We're celebrating your birthday in Alameda!" She smiled widely. "Gold coast?" I asked about to burst from excitement. She nodded her head. "We're only spending the week in one of the guesthouses. The place might be a bit fancy but it's worth it", she explained, "so go and pack. We're leaving tomorrow". I was happy but extremely confused. I've only read about Alameda. I know Mom said something about living there once but this felt odd. "Why? I'm happy but something feel out of place", my curiosity piped up. Her face fell. The smile vanished like it hadn't been there. "What are you not telling me?" I asked. She was still quiet and she didn't make any eye contact. "Mom?" I called. She sighed heavily. "First of all", she looked at me, "I'm not your mother". My brain went into shock but my mouth still opened, "what?!"
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