The Fae Prince And His Forbidden Mate

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**Can be read as standalone**

In a realm where power and loyalty reign, Luna, a beguiling hybrid werewolf possessing elemental powers, thrived as her school's queen bee. Concealing her deepest vulnerabilities behind a facade of strength, Luna was burdened with perfection in her role as a quadruplet and daughter of the Hybrid Queen. The only thing that offered her peace and temporary relief from loneliness was submerging herself in water and swimming. The silence of being underwater was Luna's favorite thing until she discovered a strange light that transported her to a new realm.

Across this realm, Damien, Prince of the Fae, upheld his duties unwaveringly, until Luna's arrival shattered his steadfast convictions. Drawn by an irresistible connection, Damien faced a perilous choice: to protect this alluring stranger, defying his own principles, or uphold tradition and duty. Luna's fragility awakened feelings he never thought possible, unraveling both their destinies in a game of power, love, and confronting inner demons.

*A special thanks to Jess Colter, who helps edit and add to the story ❤️*


**The first book in the series is not required to read this book**

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Strange Place
Luna POV I found myself completely mesmerized by the serene body of water that lay ahead, as the cool morning breeze playfully toyed with my hair, creating a gentle embrace around my face and a soothing caress on my shoulders. The added serenity of birds chirping and water gently lapping against the rocks drowned out my racing thoughts, providing a deeper sense of tranquility. Slowly, I moved towards the water, taking a step closer. The water was refreshingly cool, barely reaching my toes as I stretched out my hands towards the center of the pond. As I held my palms up towards the sky, little beads of water began to rise from the surface. With a slow and deliberate motion, I began to gracefully twirl my hands, and in perfect synchrony, the beads responded with a captivating dance. Whenever I saw the water sparkling under the morning sun, it brought me a deep sense of solace and helped alleviate the loneliness I was feeling. Growing up, I was always the popular girl. During my school days, making friends had never been a problem for me. I had the option to date any available shifter, but I turned every offer I got down. I only had an interest in being with one person, and that was my destined mate. I am the daughter of the Hybrid Queen and have three mighty fathers. I am also a quadruplet, and each of us has special elemental powers. The Moon Goddess came to my mother before we were born and told her the four of us would have very important destinies, but we would also face difficult hardships. Many would try to harm us or take us for our unique abilities. Being viewed as special held no appeal or interest to me. My younger sister doesn’t possess the same kind of power. She was wise for her age and profoundly creative. I often found myself envious of her life. It was challenging to be the daughter of the Queen. My destiny had become a heavy burden that weighed me down and my position made it nearly impossible to show its weight or, honestly, any other sign of weakness. One of my sisters constantly called me her “light” since I was always around to cheer her up, but what she did not see was she was also my light. Despite the fact that I am popular and appear to be happy, I have realized that I am actually quite lonely. My sister was now settling in with Kieran, her mate, and although I was truly thrilled for her, I felt like I was slowly losing my support system. As I break my focus on the serene pond, I witness the mesmerizing sight of the dancing droplets crashing forcefully back into the glistening water. I stripped off my outfit, leaving just my undergarments on before wading deeper and diving towards the center of the pond. In order to completely clear my mind, I felt the need to fully submerge myself. Rose, my wolf, purred in my head as we glided through the water. Due to my elemental powers, I possessed the ability to remain submerged underwater for a significantly extended period compared to an average individual. Although I was unable to breathe underwater, I possessed the ability to endure for several minutes without the necessity of resurfacing for air. With each descent, I plunged deeper into the water, surrendering myself to its comforting embrace, as it effortlessly eradicated all surrounding sounds, granting me the solitude necessary to delve into the mysteries of the underwater realm. An unusually bright light shined at the bottom of the pond, spiking my interest as I dove deeper to investigate. “Luna, maybe we should go back to the surface now,” Rose instructed; she was always very cautious. I ignored my wolf and kept swimming until I reached the light. I gently touched it and the light pulled me in. I felt a slight shift and suddenly the light was underneath me. “That was weird,” Rose grumbled. When I reached the surface, I looked around, but nothing looked familiar. I plunged into the water to find the light and make my way back home. I spent several minutes searching the bedrock, but the light was gone. Rose paced within me as an uneasy feeling settled in my stomach. Hands enveloped my body as a stranger grabbed me, catching me by surprise. As I attempted to free myself from the stranger's grasp, I gasped and inhaled water into my lungs. My eyes were filled with darkness as I slipped into unconsciousness, and then a peculiar but comforting pressure descended upon me, bringing a sense of warmth to my chest. The touch of something new and foreign on my lips caused an electric surge of sparks to fill my body. As I coughed up water and rolled to my side, my eyes were met with the warm embrace of light. When I looked up, I saw a stranger with golden hair, shimmering like sunlight. Their dark eyes held a mysterious depth, but there was a subtle glimmer of gold within them, captivating and enchanting. “Mate,” Rose howled. We both froze, our gazes locked as if we were reading each other’s thoughts. “What the hell were you doing?! Were you trying to drown yourself?” The stranger finally spoke. I remained frozen at a loss for words. Was this happening? My mate was right in front of me in this foreign world. “Snap out of it,” Rose snapped at me, trying to get me to talk. “Are you ok?” the stranger asked, his irritation fading and concern taking its place. “I’m ok, thanks!” I blurted out. My whole body told me to run even if he was my mate, so I shifted and attempted to slide myself back into the water and find my way home. The stranger grabbed me again, causing my entire body to ignite in sparks from his touch. As the man pulled me closer, I found myself instinctively nuzzling my nose into his neck, savoring the delightful aroma that emanated from him. “Mmmm,” I moaned. “Are you sure you’re okay?” He said with a small chuckle. My face warmed with embarrassment. “He’s not a wolf, nor a vampire or a human. I can’t tell what he is,” Rose announced, clearly puzzled. Despite my attempt to create distance and put space between us, I found myself succumbing to a sudden bout of dizziness, leading me to stumble and fall back onto him. “Ugh,” I groaned. This was not good. “I warned you to feed before we left this morning.” Rose snapped at me. I was a werewolf, but I was also part vampire because of one of my dads, Daniel, who was a pure-blood Vampire saving my mom with his venom while I was still in her womb. I ate normal food, but I also needed blood to survive. It honestly grossed me out, so I only fed when it was necessary. If I had not ingested all of that pond water, I would currently be in a satisfactory condition; however, as a consequence, I find myself in an unfamiliar location accompanied by an individual I have never met before. “Your mate, you mean,” Rose yelled out. “I need to go home; thanks for your help,” I muttered, still against him. “I highly doubt you are ok; you can barely sit up alone. I’m taking you to our medical facility to be checked out.” He responded. “No doctors.” I pleaded. I had no idea who he was or where I was. I could not risk him knowing I was a hybrid until I knew it was safe. “We should trust our mate,” Rose whimpered. “No, not just yet, Rose.” I tried to calm my wolf. “You are at least coming to my quarters and resting and getting some proper attire,” he demanded in a soft tone. My face went red again. I completely forgot I was only in my undergarments. He felt so warm and amazing against my skin. If I did not break free from. his grasp soon, I would melt into his arms and do whatever he requested. I tried to move away and lift myself off of him, but he whispered "sleep" in my ear and everything went dark.

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