Saving The Perfect Alpha


Alpha Brian Lockwood had always thought he had a perfect life, with his strength and dedication to build the first first-world pack in the world. Life was treating him well up until he started to have a gnawing feeling in him- the feeling of his wolf beseeching to have a mate.

He went on a quest of find her, leaving the people he trusted the most with his beloved pack. Unknowingly to him, his enemies weren’t outsiders that roamed around the streets in anger and spread rumors about him.

They were the people he trusted the most in the world, his family.

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Chapter 1- Rachel
I took a deep breath as I rested my head on the back of the bathroom’s wall. My heart was beating fast to what I was finally going to see, even though a part of me didn't want it to happen. I wanted it so Robert would get off my back because I'd long accepted that this was my real life. I stepped into a loveless marriage for acceptance, and now I was stuck in it with no way out. I couldn't leave, there was no way I could leave the almighty Alpha of our pack that so much adored me. He expected so much from me, which kept me in constant restlessness. He overrated me, I didn't know how to reach Alpha Robert Pattinson's expectations. Enough time had passed, so I dragged both legs to the bathroom sink and looked down at the white tube that was on it. I picked it up to check the result and much to my dismay, and a little bit of happiness, the result was negative. I didn't know if I should scream with happiness or burst into tears, because that was one of the bad, yet best news I had received today. Robert was in our room waiting for me. I could almost feel the tension of him walking to and fro on our carpet, nearly boring a hole in it as I headed towards the door. I sighed before I pushed it open and took small timid strides into the room. When he saw me, he quickly sprang up from the bed as if something just bit him. He rushed towards me, then put both hands on my arms. "Look at me Rachel," he said. "Please. What was the result?" I mustered up the saddest I could afford before I looked up to his face, "It is negative Robbie." I sniffed. The disappointment in his face made me weak in my knees. He had the same look he had on his face last month and the month before it- which was when the whole pregnancy mania started. "s**t Rachel, I need this." He let go of my hand and sat back down in the position he was earlier, then buried his head in both hands. "It is not my fault." I choked out, dropping the pregnancy tube in the trash can before I joined him on the bed. I sat down next to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. We sat there in uncomfortable silence before he finally got his head off his hand and turned to face me. His greying long hair had covered most of his eye area, so I tucked it back into his neat sleek bun. "I didn't say you were at fault Rachel, I just wonder why this is so hard. I mean, we didn't want to get pregnant just a few months ago and now it is back to bite us in the ass." He laughed bitterly. I never wanted to have a baby with Robert, but I had it somewhere in my head that I had to. If I didn't, I would be left high and dry on the streets with no family to turn back to because I was certain he was the kind of man that didn't want his legacy to slip out of his grip just like that. "I guess maybe it is because of the infections I had last month," I revealed to him a big secret I've been hiding in me for the past month. I knew if I told him, he would make the whole thing about me and once again, compare me to Paula. She was a neat freak and would always clean herself up repeatedly to avoid the risk of infection. He turned to look at me sharply, "Why didn't you tell me that?" "I didn't think it was necessary Robbie, it just went on for a few days." "That is it, Rachel. That is exactly it." He scoffed as he got up from the bed, whipping my hand away from him. My insides filled with dread in anticipation of what he would do to me. Alpha Robert was one of the most unpredictable people I've ever met, he could be sweet and loving in a minute then as vicious as a snake in the next. I had a long-term experience with his attitude, but it still scared me to the core. "That is what Robert? Don't you dare compare me to her." I warned. He scoffed, "Tell me why I shouldn't compare you to her when you're the exact opposite of the woman I fell in love with." Paula and I were like the two sides of a coin, vaguely different in every manner. She is my elder sister that managed to sweep the Alpha of the Tick Moon pack off his feet with her exotic looks and gorgeous body. While she was all that, I was the plain Jane that was always lurking behind her shadows. So when she eloped after our parents died, to be with a richer Alpha in another pack, I knew I had to step in to avoid our line of our family from facing Alpha Robert's hatred and wrath. "I am not the reason she left you, don't you dare hang that on me." That statement upset him, "You are a little b***h Rachel, I am going to put you in your f*****g place if you talk to me like that again." He trudged towards me dangerously. I flinched as I got off the bed in time to protect myself from whatever he was planning to do. He had never hit me before, but I knew there are still chances of him doing that because he was so unpredictable. "Don't Robert, please," I begged as his hand charged toward me. I raised my hand to shield myself from what was coming next, probably a smack or a slap, but none of that ever came forward. Instead, he whirled my frame and pushed my lower body against the long pillars of the bed. I gasped as I hit my mouth with the cold pillar of the bed, and I tasted the metallic taste of blood in my mouth almost immediately. He dragged both my hands and caged them in one of his before he started to undo his fly. “What are you doing Robert, please let me go.” I cried as I tasted the metallic liquid that started to trickle down my lips to my chin. He didn’t reply to me, instead, he started to raise my dress with his other hand. He ripped my panties off with a single finger before he bent me down on the bed. I closed my eyes as tears started to trickle down my eyes like a broken dam. Was he about to rape me? I could feel his hard d**k against my naked skin as he dry-humped my ass, not having it in him to slide in. He let go of my hands when I let out a cry as my injured mouth grazed over the rough sheets of our bed. I felt him back away slowly, then I buried my face in my arm and sobbed hard. “Rachel,” he called out softly. “I’m sorry.” He crouched down to my level on the bed. It has always been like this. He hurts me, then he pretends to care. I was sick of it. Sick of him. “Leave me alone,” I sniffed as I stood up and cleaned my face. His face was twisted into an awful expression of sadness and regret, then he flinched when he saw the blood on my mouth. He brought his hand up to touch my face, and I quickly stopped him. “Don’t f*****g touch me.” “You’re bleeding.” “Do you f*****g care? You know what Robert, I hope you find it somewhere in your mind to accept the fact that I didn’t make your mate leave you. I didn’t choose to marry your pathetic ass either, I did it so you’ll leave my family the hell alone.” He opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out of it, then he cast his head low and put back his d**k that was full and throbbing for s*x back into his pants. “I know, I’m sorry that this happened. It just got into my head.” “Save it, and go f**k yourself.” I spat out angrily before I got up from the bed and headed outside. I covered my bleeding mouth with my hands as I tried my best to get past the guards. When I was successfully outside, I went to the only place that gave me solace. The woods. It was quiet and peaceful, which was the perfect place for me to rest without a threat coming at me whatsoever. It was a link to the neighboring pack, which was its only use- but since they changed into a full first-world pack, the woods were not used as a means of transportation anymore. I lay on my back when I got to my favorite spot. The sun was setting which meant I had only a few hours to be at total peace before an army of Omegas was sent to search for me, so I closed my eyes and slept off.

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