Welcome to the sequel.

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Hey everyone,  I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who read The Bad Boy Protects me, the support I have for that book has been amazing! I never thought it would do as well as it is doing right now, so thank you. I really do appreciate it. I appreciate everyone who has commented as well, I do read them but I don't always have time to reply. I wish I could have got this up sooner but work got crazy.  I have not got an updating schedule but I will update as much as I can, against it depends on work. I am excited to write more about Hailey and Avery. I really hope you all enjoy it :D The first chapter will come straight after this part.  Anyway, that's is enough from me ha-ha.  Emma (AyrGal89) P.S I have also set up a f******k page, would love if you could all like. I am just getting started on it but there will be details of updates and new books on there. And also hopefully we can all chat. https://w**************m/AuthorAyrGal89
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