Chapter 2 Do I Have to Carry You Up?

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In the hospital, at the entrance to the operating room.  A group of people was waiting anxiously in the hallway, Charles' parents, Mrs. Martha, and Mr. Luken. Just this morning, the head of the Corvo family, Roberts suddenly fainted and fell, but fortunately was found in time. And now he was in the operating room. Charles strode over, wearing a high-class hand-made black suit. His hair was clean and short, and his handsome evil face was cold, but his blue eyes revealed his nervousness, emitting a cold and compelling aura around him. He walked right up to his parents, "Dad, Mom, how is Grandpa?" Martha looked sad and said, "Your grandpa fainted and fell..." Before she could finish, the door of the operating room opened and a doctor came out. "Mr. Roberts has been resuscitated, but his life is still in danger. I'm afraid he won't make it, so if you want to say something to him, make it quick." A nurse pushed the hospital bed out, and a yellow-faced, weak-breathing old man was on it, none other than Roberts Corvo. Roberts had woken up and when he saw Charles he grabbed his hand, "Charles, you're here..." "Grandpa, you're going to be fine." Charles looked tense and his voice lowered, trying to reassure his grandfather. But Roberts didn’t let go. Instead, he tightly grasped Charles' hand and said, "I know my body very well. What I care about the most is you. Don’t wait up foolishly for that woman, go get married early and have a new heir for the Corvo family..." Charles' face changed. That woman was his first love... She was about to fade away from his memory. He never married, but this was not all because of her. "Mr. Roberts!" At the same time, Eden suddenly rushed out, "Mr. Roberts, you don't have to worry. Your grandson will soon get married, and his girlfriend is pregnant, the Corvo family now has a new heir!" Upon seeing Eden, Charles immediately became angry and scolded, "How did you find this place? No more bullshit, I don't have a girlfriend!" A few minutes ago, Eden brought Emily to do a checkup, but then they happened to encounter the scene just now, and when he heard Roberts ask Charles to get married, Eden immediately rushed over. "Mr. Roberts, you don't know? But Charles and my sister have been together for quite a long time, and now my sister is pregnant." Roberts looked over at Charles in surprise. "Is this true? I’m having a great-grandson?" His eyes were glowing when he said this. Charles' denial was caught in his throat. He couldn't bear to shatter his grandfather's illusion, nor did he want him to leave forever. He was willing to do anything as long as his grandfather could live a little longer. Even if it meant acknowledging the woman he had only seen once, and the child yet to be confirmed. "It's true." Half a long time, Charles finally uttered, his voice cold and magnetic. Luken asked him with a slight frown, "Charles, what's going on?" However, Charles looked to the nurse and said, "Take him to the ward first." The nurse hurriedly pushed the bed away. Only then did Charles look at Luken and answered, "Dad, just now Grandpa looked much better when he heard he was having a great-grandson." Martha froze for a second and asked, "Did you deliberately hire these actors?" Before Charles could say anything, Eden immediately leaped forward. "Hello, Mr. And Mrs. Corvo, I'm Eden Miller. My sister Emily had s*x with Charles a month ago and now she’s pregnant." Charles' face was instantly so gloomy that ink could drip out of it. Appearantly he didn’t expect that woman who dared to plot against him was pregnant! He clenched his fists and his eyes deadpanned at Eden. "That night was an accident, I don't know your sister." Luken and Martha looked at each other and quickly reacted. They thought Eden and Emily were those who wanted to join the Corvo family, but this time they made a scene to the head of the family, forcing Charles to admit it in front of Roberts! Luken looked at Eden in revulsion and said nonchalantly, "Charles said it was an accident, how dare you lie about your sister being pregnant? And made a scene here!" "I didn't lie! My sister did get pregnant, and I kept the evidence that she slept with Charles and got pregnant." Eden took out a bunch of photos, the very same images that Emily and Charles were caught by reporters barging in early in the morning that night a month ago. And then, Eden took out the pregnancy test that had just been printed out, proving that Emily was indeed pregnant. Looking at the photos and reports, Luken and Martha's faces instantly became unbearable. Martha was furious. "Shame on you! Even if you are pregnant, so what? With your family background, you are not worthy of the Corvo family!" Next to Martha, Charles said nothing. His handsome face looked indifferent, his pupils flashed with a morose chill, and the aura around him became cold. In the end, he said with a grim face, "Grandpa's safety is more important, so I will marry her. But when the child is born, our marriage will end." -- It was not until dusk did Charles and his parents return to the Corvo Villa. Eden quickly sent Emily over. Before leaving, he grabbed Emily's hand and whispered, "Emily, behave yourself, and don't forget what I said to you. You're one of the Miller family, you should contribute to the family!" Emily suppressed her anger, biting her lip tightly, her hands hanging at her side clenched into fists. She actually wanted to turn around and leave, but Eden was right, this was indeed the fastest way to pay off the Millers' debt. Emily's lip was bitten to the point of nearly bleeding! She closed her eyes. By the time she opened them again, she had calmed down. She had made up her mind that she wouldn't resign herself to her fate even though she had to stay with the Corvos! Charles stood on the stairs, staring out into Emily’s light brown, grape-like, clean, and pure eyes. He thought with some anger that the girl who looked so good and gentle on the outside was so awful when she schemed him with her brother. Martha and Luken were sitting on the sofa, and they didn’t show any hospitality when they saw Emily in, and Martha even grunted in disgust. The two went straight upstairs with slack-jawed faces. Only Charles walked up to Emily and caught up her chin, forcing her to raise her eyes. The disgust in his eyes was not the slightest bit disguised. "You are the first woman who dares to set me up, Don’t you think marrying me by all your means could make me show mercy? After giving birth to this child, get out of the Corvo family!" A sharp pain came from her jaw and Emily frowned slightly in discomfort, grabbing Charles' hand with both hands and trying to pull him away. But before Emily's hand could touch Charles, he shook it off with disgust. He took out a disposable paper towel and carefully wiped the fingers that had touched Emily's chin, then threw it into the trash can, full of disgust for Emily. For him, Emily was a wicked scheming woman, bent on getting to the top. He was most disgusted by such a woman. Emily rubbed her somewhat sore jaw and looked at Charles with resentment, while Charles turned and walked towards the door. He took two steps but didn’t see Emily following, so he said impatiently, "Are you going to keep standing here? Come on and follow me." A flash of embarrassment crossed Emily's face and she was busy following Charles' lead as he left the Corvo Villa. The sea-colored Rolls-Royce Phantom had a smooth body and was full of luxury and understatement. The driver respectfully opened the door and Charles got in, with Emily standing next to the car, somewhat overwhelmed. Eden didn't come back, so now she was abandoned. Was she going with this man? Charles' gaze fell impatiently on Emily's body. "Do I have to carry you up?"  
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