Flash Marriage with the Billionaire

one-night stand
opposites attract
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When Charles Corvo, the richest man in the world, suddenly announced his marriage to Emily Miller, everyone was surprised that he had married a broke girl! Charles smiled faintly in response to all their questions.

No one knew that their marriage started as a one-night stand. They never like each other, but they were forced to maintain the fake marriage.

[A year later, when the baby is born, we will get divorced.]

On their wedding day, Emily insisted to write this into the divorce agreement and handed it to Charles.

“That will be the best!” Charles looked coldly at Emily, his blue eyes full of impatience.

A year later, the day for the agreed divorce arrived.

Emily packed up to leave but was stopped by Charles’ pull, circled in his arms.

"Emily, don't divorce me. Don't leave me."

Charles' voice was gentle but tinged with sadness.

Emily gasped and tried to push him away when Charles bent down and kissed her on the lips.

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Chapter 1 Miss Emily Is Pregnant!
"How dare you plot against me!" In a five-star hotel came the low roar of anger from Charles, the head of the Corvo family. In an exquisitely decorated VIP room, a man and a woman in bathrobes were tangled in bed. The tall, upright man's blue eyes were intoxicated. The woman's nose was small and delicate, and her lips were pink, shining with her ultimate beauty. Her eyes were hazy and her cheeks were rendered with an abnormal blush. Charles didn't expect anyone would have the audacity to plot against him. He was angry from the bottom of his heart. He tried to wake up the woman on the bed, but saw her squinting her eyes, tugging at the bathrobe on her body, and then touching his body carelessly. It made him desire for more. He could feel the hot tide inside his body surging. Emily Miller could feel the hot breath on her neck. That strong masculine scent almost overwhelmed her. She struggled to open her eyes, only to see a handsome and strange man lying on top of her in a haze. Am I having a dream? Emily froze. "Ah...!" A sudden tearing pain down there hit her. Emily could not withstand the pain and fainted. At noon, a roar came to her ears, waking Emily up. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw a handsome man standing in front of the bed. His face was gloomy and his brows furrowed, obviously in a bad mood. Emily was sore and dizzy. She looked at the strange man in front of her with a heavy head. Before she realized the situation, her neck had been pinched by the man's large palm. "You drugged me! How dare you!" The man's blue eyes were filled with rage. At the same time, the strength of his hands increased so that Emily could not breathe. Emily’s plain and pure little face was pale as paper, She reached out to pat the man's hand. It looked like her patting worked and the force on her neck weakened a bit, but he was still pinching her neck. Fresh air rushed into her chest and Emily felt rejuvenated. Her eyes regained their clarity. When she could see clearly everything around her, her small face immediately went pale again, and her clear eyes emerged with a frightened look. Where is this place? Shouldn't I be at my parents' funeral now? Why would I end up in a hotel room? "Don't pretend to be innocent. I will make you pay the price for you had set me up!" The man's handsome face was unusually cold, his icy voice was like a demonic whisper, and the look in his eyes was as if he wanted to set her to hell. Emily looked at Charles in horror and scrambled to get up, but Charles was so strong that he pinned her down so hard she couldn't move! While she was struggling, the sheet on Emily's body slipped off, revealing her shoulders and exquisitely beautiful collarbones, covered with dense hickeys. Charles’ eyes suddenly deepened, showing disgust on his face, then he violently let go of her. "Bang!" At this point, the door was pushed open, and a group of people rushed in, with cameras aimed at the bed. "No shooting!" Charles yelled, his eyes were stern and cold, with redness beneath them. Eden came out from behind the crowd with an angry look on his face, "Charles, I didn't know you were such an ass. You took advantage of my sister last night and r***d her!" Charles breathed heavily, his half-naked upper body revealed his solid muscles which were full of strength, his hands balled into fists, and his eyes became sharp. "Get out!" Eden was a little scared, but still had the guts to continue, "Charles, since you r***d my sister, you must be responsible for her and marry her!" After speaking, he looked at the crowd of reporters who then received his hint and immediately left with their equipment. Eden did not stay any longer, and only Emily and Charles were left in the room again. Charles was filled with violent anger,  and the atmosphere around him was low and cold. He turned to look at Emily, and with the corners of his lips hooked up, he sneered, "This is what you want? You aim at my family fortune and want to marry me? Too bad I won't fall in love with a woman who will do whatever it takes! And never will I marry you!" He growled angrily. Emily was startled back by his yell, her eyes were sore, and tears instantly flew down her face. She finally regained her memories that the Miller Group was about to go bankrupt, her parents couldn't bear the blow and jumped to their death, and at the funeral, she had a glass of water handed over by Eden, after which she passed out. Eden Miller was her brother, yet the man sent her to a stranger’s bed with his own hands. The Corvo family was the richest family in the country, and Charles Corvo, the man in charge, was known for his ruthlessness and power, so how can he be plotted against! He would never marry her, not to mention that now the Miller family had fallen, and Miss Emily Miller herself was no longer the same. Emily frowned sullenly and tried to explain it all to Charles, but she had been a mute since she was a child and could only gesture with her hands. Charles looked at Emily with a gloomy face, and his inky pupils were filled with disgust. "Bang!" Charles furiously slammed the door and left while Emily was lying on bed, cowered in fear. After a long time, Emily calmed herself down and slowly got up from the bed, but the tearing pain in her lower body made her unsteady, and she could only hold the bedside table and walk into the bathroom step by step. After taking a shower, Emily couldn't wait to leave the hotel. She went to a nearby pharmacy, intending to buy birth control pills. I can't get pregnant, I won’t let Eden get his own way, and I can't afford to offend Charles, or the Corvo family. What happened last night can only be dismissed as an accident! But at that moment, several bodyguards appeared from nowhere and directly grabbed Emily and dragged her into a car. Emily fought hard and tried to push the bodyguards away, and tried to scream, "Ah... She opened her mouth to call for help, but the sound that came out was as harsh as a chainsaw cutting through wood. She was in great despair and could only be forced into the car. The car drove all the way from the city to her family's villa. Emily walked uneasily into the living room. Seeing her return, Eden walked angrily toward her, raised his hand, and gave her a vicious slap. "Snap!" "Emily Miller, what are you doing? Are you trying to take birth control pills? Hear me out, that’s not gonna happen! You must carry Charles' child so that we can save our family!" Eden looked at Emily furiously, and his words were ruthless. Emily raised her hands in excitement and gestured, [Are you really my biological brother? Who gives you the right to order me? You are not qualified to decide my future!] "You are also a member of the Miller family, and now that the company is about to go bankrupt, and Mom and Dad have kept you hidden at home for so many years, it's time for you to do your part for the family!" Eden was tough and then looked at his wife Anna. "Lock her up in a room and ground her for a month!" Anna walked to Emily's side with a false smile on her face. "Eden is doing this for your own good. Our family has fallen. What kind of elite is willing to marry you? If you get pregnant with Charles' kid, not only can you be Mrs. Corvo and noble, you can also get to keep the Miller family's estate." Emily shook off Anna's hand as she stepped back, with a hint of disgust on her face. She was a lady, but she was also born with a congenital vocal cord defect, therefore, she was raised intact,  rarely showing her face in public. The Miller family had come to the end of the line its end, but even so, how can Eden take advantage of her like that? She was his own sister! Ugh! Emily yelled out loud in her heart Nonetheless, Emily ended up being locked in her room against her will. She had made up her mind to fight back. She refused to eat or drink, but in order to make sure that she was healthy. Eden found all the way to make her eat and drink. A month later, a maid came out of Emily's room with a food box. "Mr. Eden, Miss  Emily vomited!" Anna was overjoyed by the news and took out the prepared pregnancy test and handed it to the maid. "Hurry up and take the test." Not long after that, the maid came down from upstairs with a pregnancy test. "Miss Emily is indeed pregnant!" "Great!" Eden was beyond excited. "Go get the car ready, let's go to the hospital!"  

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