Chapter 2 Pleasure

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Kiara styled her hair and slid on her new lingerie that she had bought. She slipped over her head a tight black dress that was well above the knees. She had bought this to wear to dinner and she wasn’t going to leave it behind. She carefully applied her makeup and looked herself over. This was just something she needed to do for herself. Jhett hurt her and she decided it was time for some changes. It was time for her to really discover who she was. For a moment she thought she was going to break but a fire ignited inside of her. Why should she break over this man? If anything, she should be happy this moment happened. It was better to know now that he wasn’t completely committed to her like he promised. Even though he found his fated mate if he was really committed to her, it wouldn’t have mattered. So, what was she really to him? Was she… was she just a name? The close blood relative to the lycan crown? She briskly walked out of her room, her heels clicking loudly on the floor. She headed out of the hotel and followed the sidewalk out of town. As soon as she hit the trees, she shifted into her lycan. Black fur swayed in the breeze as she darted into the brush. Her lycan was magnificent. She was a skilled fighter and on the larger side for a female. She also had a very unique mark…well it would be unique if her brother didn’t have one identical to it. On her forehead was a red crescent mark. She looked identical to her brother’s lycan except that his was understandably bigger than hers. They also had the same scent of Ponderosa Pine. This worked out in their favor because when they shifted and weren’t side by side no one could instantly tell who was who. Her feet pounded against the earth as she sprinted towards the fairy kingdom. She had work to do, and she didn’t want to think about what had happened. She wanted a clean slate and to pretend she was starting over. After hours of running, she finally made it to the fairy territory. She ran until her transformation was undone for her. that stupid barrier was still up. Back when the fairy princess, Shawna, had her wedding the four royals created a magical barrier around the wedding venue. It was to prevent magic. However, whoever took the two princesses did something to the barrier, so the royals were not able to take it down. This stalled their efforts in trying to find them and gave whoever took them a chance to escape. Kiara straightened herself up and adjusted her hair. They weren’t a primitive species and she shifted right back into the clothes she was wearing before. Okay… she was extremely overdressed, but she didn’t care. She marched over towards the tent as her brother made his way over to her. He looked irritated, which was odd, since he was usually very reserved. He also looked wet… “Kiara, what are you wearing?” Kayden sighed in agitation and then looked around. “Where is Jhett?” “Jhett is taking his customary mate break. He will be returning to the lycan kingdom afterwards.” Kiara said, trying to sound emotionless. She could see the rage in her brother’s eyes. “He—” Kayden was furious, but Kiara interrupted him, not letting him finish his sentence. “It doesn’t matter. It’s done.” Kiara cut him off instantly. She watched him nod his head and look around. “We are finished here and are leaving first thing in the morning.” Kayden could see his sister was trying to hold her head high. It was something he always admired about her. She would just let this go with Jhett… but he wouldn’t. He might not be around since he would be at the university, but he would leave orders for those in charge. Jhett would be stuck with all the hard chores and extra drills. “I’m heading over to our lodging if you want to—” “Go on ahead. I’m going to walk around a bit.” Kiara gave her brother a small smile and then walked away. Her brother wasn’t the type to pry or hover, thank the gods. He was also smart enough to know she wanted left alone. She glanced back to see Kayden walking the other direction and she headed towards the tents. She pushed the fabric to the side and walked inside the largely covered area. The tables were still set nicely and there were unopened gifts on the far table. The reception never happened since the wedding was cancelled. The fairy princess and her fiancé have put their wedding on hold for the unforeseeable future. Neither one of them were ready to get married… not with their close friends taken. Kiara walked up to a long bar and peered over the edge. Bingo! All the alcohol was untouched. Well… she didn’t mind if she did. She walked around to the other side and began to place various bottles on the counter. “What are you doing in here?!” A loud voice growled. She lifted her gaze unphased and stared at the man who walked in. Instantly she scowled. She recognized this man. It was the brother of the fairy’s fiancé. She ignored him and bent down grabbing some different juices to make some mixed drinks. “Do they still have ice in here?” Kiara said as she looked under the bar finding an operating freezer. “I said…” The man stopped as he got closer to her. “Well well well… look who we have here. I see you’ve come back to give me that private lap dance.” “If it isn’t the self-absorbed bear who thinks he is the gods' gift to the earth,” Kiara clicked her tongue and grabbed a glass. A low baritone chuckle rolled from his throat as he made his way around the bar. “I see I’ve made an impression… Kiara.” She looked at him for a moment and then continued with what she was doing. “You don’t look like you can hold your liquor? Are you sure it’s a good thing for you to drink?” “Gosh bear… why are you even here?” Kiara straightened up and looked at his hazel eyes. “It’s Elijah… and my brother is here, so I came to visit him. How about you, beautiful?” Elijah grinned as Kiara scoffed at him. “I am…” Kiara looked down and frowned for a moment. “Honestly, who cares… it doesn’t matter. I’m having a drink, do you want one?” She didn’t need to hide behind her title as the general of the lycan army. She didn’t want to talk about anything about herself. “Rough day?” Elijah grabbed another glass and placed it on the counter. “It’s a new day. Time for something new.” Kiara poured their mixture of drinks and slid a glass over to the bear. She looked up at him to see a smirk resting on his face. “What?” She arched a brow at him as she tossed the liquid down her throat. “I’m something new…” Kiara noticed his hazel eyes traveling over her tight black dress. There was a fiery desire burning in his eyes and she felt her heart rate accelerating under his gaze. “Are you… are you asking me for—" “Why not? We are two consenting adults… I’m single… unless you have—” “No.” Kiara said tersely, pouring herself another drink, tossing it down in one gulp. She felt a hot hand snake around her waist. “Now now… don’t do that. If you drink too much, then we can’t have any fun…” Elijah leaned down, pressing his nose in her hair. “Why not? I figured that’s how you get most of your women to bed.” Kiara felt his chest vibrating with a low chuckle as his nose traced over her neck. “Never. I won’t take advantage of a woman and I don’t have to. So if you want to do this…” Elijah began to softly kiss her neck. He grinned as she moved her neck to the side, granting him more access. Her chest was rising and falling as she turned her neck to the side. His soft lips were coaxing her and pulling her in. Why shouldn’t she enjoy herself? She was single and she wasn’t going to deny how attractive he was. Even for a bear… She turned to face him and looked up at him. “Are you any good?” She said in a sultry tone. She felt his hand slide down her back, pulling her into his torso. Her hands braced against his chiseled chest as his head lowered to hers. “Do you want to find out?” This was him asking. This was the point of no return. And she didn’t care. This is what she wanted to do, and she was going to free herself. She needed to not think… she nodded her head at him, and he chuckled. “No kitten… I need you to say it… tell me you want me.” He ordered in a seductive growl. Kiara smiled, biting her bottom lip. She traced her finger down his chest, then played with the button on his pants. “Hmmm what to do what to do… I don’t want to take advantage of you. How do I know you didn’t drink too much? What if you can’t hold your liquor? Maybe you should be the one saying you want me…” “I want you. I’m not ashamed to admit that. You’re beautiful and fiery. What’s not to want?” Elijah grinned as his long fingers slid down her ribs. The thin fabric of her silky black dress was no barrier to the heat of his hand. She felt pleasurable burning warmth as his touch traveled down her body. Then he stopped when he reached her thigh and began a slow journey upwards. He began to lift her dress up, exposing her lacey thong. His fingers brushed against the moist fabric, and he growled as he lowered his head. He moved in to nuzzle his mouth against the base of her throat. His lips felt the frantic rhythm of her pulse that was increasing with his touch. His tongue tasted her skin moving over a delicate spot. A soft moan escaped her, and he lifted away to look at her. “Kiara… say that you want this.” She wasn’t sure why his touch was affecting her so much. She felt this maddening need to feel his skin against hers. She tried to close the gap between their lips but his other hand held her face in place. She stared into his eyes that were waiting for her response impatiently. “I want you.” She said in a voice that barely made a sound. His lips crashed against hers and she parted his lips for the invasion of his tongue. The pleasure of his kisses was maddening, making her want more. He grabbed the bottom of her dress and pulled it over her head meanwhile she fumbled with the button on his pants and pulled down his zipper. He stomped his pants off and flung his shirt over his head. Their hands and lips would only part briefly for the interruption of discarded clothing. She was twisting restlessly in his arms seeking more. She felt his hand expertly unclasp her bra and he pressed against her, lowering her gently resting her on the floor. He discarded her bra and she arched into his touch needing to feel his heat. He instantly obliged her, his hand slid over her as he cupped and fondled her sensitive mound. He let out a pleasurable groan as he pressed his hips against her. His bulge contained by the thin fabric of his boxer briefs. He lifted up pulling her lacey thong from her hips and removing his own undergarments. His stiffness sprang out seemingly just as eager for this encounter. Kiara licked her lips as his body covered hers again. He kneed her thighs apart and his gaze met with Kiara’s. The probing of his maleness found her moist and ready. A primitive hunger was being released from his gaze as he gave her a chance to change her mind. Kiara arched herself into him and he pushed forward, taking her easily. Electric pleasure shuddered through her as his hand cupped her bottom possessively. He moved against her slowly and powerfully. A faint soft cry escaped her throat as the tingling waves sparked over her body. This was hotter than anything she had experienced before. His powerful thrust swept her away carrying her to her peak. Her body tensed around him until she went limp. His lips softly brushed over hers. “Don’t be greedy… we aren’t done here.” He drawled in a low baritone voice that sent shivers through her body. How did his voice alone have that effect on her? He moved against her more in an overwhelming passionate rhythm. Their hips bucking together in an intimate dance. He sent wave after wave of ecstasy through her. She was overwhelmed by his passion and his need for her. Nothing was making sense… nothing mattered. The only thing that existed right now was this fierce need and desire between them. Finally, during another one of her peaks, he surrendered too and cried out hoarsely in pleasure. His body rested on hers for a few long minutes before he stirred. He lifted his heavy weight onto his elbows. He kissed her mouth and eyes, feathering kisses along her face until she opened her eyes to him. “Kiara…” He murmured between his sweet tender kisses. “You are the one I’ve been waiting for…” He brushed his lips softly against hers as they panted against each other. His thumb brushed through her moist hair as his nose brushed against hers. “My beautiful Kiara.” He whispered and smothered her lips with his. She was half delirious from pleasure as she listened to his soft cooing voice. Then she felt him becoming aroused again and her eyes flashed to his. “Again?” She mumbled against his lips. “Again… we are far from finished,” he said in a low husky growl. She wouldn’t resist him, not that she even wanted to. She was enjoying the wild pleasurable joy of being in his maddening arms. His tortuously slow, pleasurable movements devastated her senses. It was more erotic than rampaging lust. It was pure sensual passion that surged through her whole body. “Eli…” She moaned as he brought her to her peak again. It was far from over. He proved his words by pleasing her over and over again with delirious pleasure. This was like nothing she had ever experienced before. It had a sense of belonging to it that she didn’t dare try to understand. It was shallow in comparison to her times with Jhett, which was something else she wouldn’t analyze. Not that she could. He didn’t give her a moment to think. Instead, she rode their passion through the night as they learned about every inch of the other’s body. She clung to him and the magic of the night until exhaustion overtook them both. Elijah pulled Kiara into his arms as his lids drooped. He listened to her soft quiet breathing and smiled as he looked at her face. “Rest my beautiful Kiara…” He pressed his lips into her damp, perspired head as he held her close. He shut his eyes and smiled. This woman was special. She wasn’t like anyone… no one has brought about the primal passion in him. There was no way he was going to let her go. This woman called to his beast, and he craved her. Yes, this woman was the one. Exhausted and satisfied beyond belief, he drifted off asleep burying his nose in Kiara’s hair. Note- Find out why Kayden was so irritated in Alpha Island: My Enemy Mate THE ALPHA ISLAND BOOKS ARE ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. You can enjoy these chapters free but please note we do not have a return date. The books WILL be finished. I have never not finished a book.
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