Alpha Island: My Unbearable Mate

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Kiara is the lycan prince’s cousin. She is his general along with her twin brother, Kayden. She has always had someone at her side in life. Her twin brother was always there and so was her boyfriend. She was content… and happy. But this all changes one day when she loses her boyfriend. Kiara realizes she has always depended on having someone in her life. And that she wanted more than what was expected of her. She didn’t want to just be a general and live the life she expected to fill. She needed to find her independence and find out what she really wanted in life.

She attends the prestigious Alpha Island University, a school that has a magic barrier that blocks the mate bond. She was hoping to be able to find herself as a student. But life had other plans. New discoveries would send her on a quest in order to help the lycan prince. Her enemies are clever and strong. On top of that she encounters an annoying werebear who has his eyes set on her.

Elijah has been worrying about his brother who had to postpone his wedding the day of due to the kidnapping of two royal princesses. His brother and fiancé have been searching tirelessly still refusing to get married without their friends. Elijah was done searching…it was time to move on. He enrolled at Alpha Island University where he was shocked to see the woman of his dreams. He had her once and he knew he had to have her for always. She kept refusing his advances but that wouldn’t stop him. He already decided she was his… she just needed to understand it too.

The Alpha Island Books:

Books 1:

Alpha Island: The Lycan's Mate

Alpha Island: The Dragon's Mate

These are sister books and you can read them however you like. You can read one and then the other. You can read them chapter by chapter. You can read them every few chapters and switch over. The books are written so that they are separate stories but intertwine together giving you a bigger picture. We hope you enjoy both of them.

The Sequels to Alpha Island (sister books)

Alpha Island: My Unbearable Mate

Alpha Island: My Enemy Mate by Marion Artwood

ON HIATUS until Spring 2024

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Chapter 1 Pain
*This book is on HOLD* Consider these chapters a free sample of the book. You will find out what happened to Ava and Sky in these chapters. But please know that I do not have a resume date for the books at this time. This book will be finished, but since the other author has been very sick there is no way to predict when both books will continue. I just wanted to be up front with you before you read further. Below is the continuing story: A crushing sensation came over her as she tried to swallow her sobbing. The shockwaves pounded through her body as she trembled watching the water drip down as it blended with her tears. She watched as all the dirt and blood was washed away; soon the evidence of this day would be gone, maybe she could even pretend it never happened. An invisible knot was tightening in her chest, and she tried to swallow the bile back as it rose. She knew these feelings were proof though, proof that what she had was real. The raw grief inside of her demanded to be known. Blood pounded in her ears as her heart thudded against her chest. Her hands and feet tingled as her vision was blurring in and out. She felt nothing as the pressure mounted in her limbs washing away all thoughts until the intense agony seized her again. Images blurred in her mind as she tried to force them away. She could not think about it anymore, however, the unrelenting waves of pain continued to strike. She gasped as she struggled to control the pain, digging her nails into her palms as soft cries escaped from her throat. If only she had never come here; perhaps none of this would have happened. She felt her memories taking over her as the sorrow pulled her into an abyss, but they did nothing to provide comfort. Instead, each memory was a constant blow to her chest, robbing her of any air. She wrapped her arms around her legs as she tried to comfort herself. She felt alone and isolated with her grief. For a single moment it felt as if she was going to just crumble under the anguish but then this was where she would find her strength. _ Earlier that day… _ Teeth gnashed, claws scratched, and fur flew. Blood splatter over the ground as the sound of snarls and gurgling noises filled the air. Dust filled the air and then silence. Through the dirty cloud lycan’s began to shift back into their human forms. A woman shifted revealing her black hair, sun-kissed kiss, and dazzling blue eyes that sparkled in the sun. She tossed her hair back over her shoulder and watched as the others around her shifted back to human form. “Kiara.” A gentle voice called out as he wrapped his arms around her waist. He buried his head in her neck and lightly kissed her sensitive marking spot. “Have I told you how beautiful you look after a battle.” Kiara giggled and spun around in the man’s arms. It was her boyfriend, Jhett. They had been together for over a year and were very much in love. He nuzzled her neck with his nose and teased her skin. She smiled and turned around in his arms lifting up to meet with his lips. His tongue instantly dipped into your mouth as his arms curled around her possessively. “I hope you aren’t too worn out for later…” Kiara teased coquettishly. Jhett chuckled and lifted her up in the air swaying her side to side. “I’ll always have energy for you.” He slid her down against his body claiming her lips again passionately. Kiara couldn’t have asked for a better partner in life than Jhett. He was loving, considerate, and was someone she knew she could trust unconditionally. He never tried to hold her back and encouraged her to seize her dreams. They hadn’t officially marked each other but they already promised themselves to one another. As soon as she was finished with her studies, they would seal themselves to one another. “I love you, Jhett.” Kiara mumbled into his lips. He let out a low growl and began to devour her lips possessively in response. “Save it for when you are alone.” A crisp voice said from behind them. Kiara smiled as Jhett reluctantly parted from her lips. She looked at her brother who was looking over the area diligently. “That was the last of them,” Kayden said as he glanced at his sister Kiara. “A few less demons to worry about.” Kiara shrugged and leaned into Jhett’s embrace. “General Brandt.” “Yes?” “Yes?” Kayden and Kiara answered simultaneously. Kiara looked up at Kayden and motioned with her head for him to handle it. She watched as her brother walked over to one of their soldiers. Both her and her brother were the generals of the lycan kingdom. This was their role as the lycan prince’s cousins. Her brother lived and breathed his role as the general. It was his life and he loved it. Kiara… well she was a great leader. But they really didn’t need two generals, and this tied her life to her brother’s side. She loved her brother, but they have been tied to the hip since they were born. She often felt like their identities blended together. Sometimes she just wanted to have some space to herself. She was hoping maybe she would be able to have that at Alpha Island University. Kayden and Kiara had both enrolled at the university. They had put their studies on hold the past year after their future lycan princess disappeared. Kiara frowned and lifted her gaze up to the sun. Her cousin Dylan, the lycan prince, has been searching tirelessly ever since his princess, Ava, vanished. He was now a shadow of his former self. He rarely came back and was always looking for his mate. Kiara and Kayden have also been working relentlessly on searching for Ava. They have scoured the world to no avail. They had one more stop to make back at the fairy kingdom where she disappeared along with the future dragon princess. She felt Jhett’s fingers tracing circles over her stomach as he held her against his chest. Sometimes she felt bad feeling happy with Jhett knowing how miserable Dylan was. It had been almost a year and there was no trace of Ava. Dylan would keep searching for Ava, but the extended searchers would be returning to their normal lives. Which was why Kiara was able to attend Alpha Island University. “What will you do without me while I am at the university?” Kiara listened to the small groan in Jhett’s throat as he squeezed her tighter. “I’m going to runaway with you. I’ll take you to a deserted island and we will create a pack all on our own.” His voice lowered seductively as he traced his hand up her side. “Baby, I’ll miss you, but I’ll come and visit. And I’ll be waiting for you with open arms during your breaks.” “You better not go falling in love with anyone else.” Kiara teased as Jhett’s lips brushed over her earlobes. “Never. You are it for me. You are my world.” He nibbled on her earlobe as his hands traveled over her body. “Let’s move out. We head to the fairy kingdom.” Kayden stated loudly. “Wait we are right beside Rubyton city. I want a bath.” Kiara watched as her brother turned to glare at her. “We have work to do Kiara.” Kayden looked at his sister reproachfully. “Last I checked I was a general too you know? I’m going to town, and I’ll catch up with you. I’ll take Jhett as my personal guard.” Kiara could see the irritation in her brother’s eyes. He waved his hand at her and started to walk away. “Fine. Do what you want I’ll see you there.” Kayden sighed shaking his head. Sometimes his sister didn’t take her duties as seriously as she should. He needed to talk to her about it. She was a general of the lycan army and needed to act like it. Kiara grabbed onto Jhett’s hand and smiled up at him. “Aren’t you glad you are dating a general?” “I’m just glad I’m dating you.” Jhett kissed her on the forehead and the two of them headed to the nearby town. It wasn’t far away, and they soon arrived at the cute little town. “Let’s shower and then get something hot to eat.” Kiara watched as a crooked smile reached his lips. “I am filthy. There is no chance of that until after…” “Well at least we know dessert is taken care of.” Jhett’s voice was low and husky as his fingers brushed under her shirt touching her skin. “Hey! No cheap preview.” Kiara teased swatting his hand playfully. He grabbed her hand and the two of them walked down the street together. They could see a couple of hotels in the distance and they would try to get a room from one of them. “Oh Jhett! We need to buy some fresh clean clothes.” Kiara said as she pulled him towards a department store. He chuckled and wrapped his hand around her waist. Kiara began pulling clothes off the rack and piling them up in Jhett’s hands. He was watching her bounding about the store. His eyes followed her with adoration as she searched through the clothes with discernment. She finally came back with something red and lacey in her hands. “What is that?” Jhett asked with a wry grin on his face. “That is your dessert.” Kiara felt his arms instantly grip around her. The clothes he was holding fell to the floor and her lips were against his again. She melted against his body and responded to his greedy kiss. With Jhett things were different for her. She trusted him and depended on him. He was someone she could be herself around and she needed that. He didn’t make her feel the weight of her responsibilities. He made that burden lighter. There were few people she could say she needed in life… but Jhett had become one of them. “I think I’m going to have to spoil my dinner…” Jhett’s husky breath pelted against her lips making a shiver from excitement run down her back. “Then I guess we should probably finish up here and get a room…” Kiara licked his bottom lip and winked up at him. He quickly gathered the clothes up from the floor, grabbed what Kiara had in her hand and practically sprinted to the register. “We are buying these, and we are in a bit of a hurry.” Jhett said in a rushed voice. His predatory eyes looked over Kiara full of want and promise. Even now, while she was covered with travel and battle grime, he made her feel beautiful. He looked at her like she was the only one who could hold his attention. He might not be her fated mate, but he was perfect for her. She didn’t need the mate bond… she just needed him. He finished paying and grabbed the bag off the counter. He turned and grabbed Kiara’s hand and rushed out of the door. “Jhett.” Kiara giggled as he frantically pulled her down the sidewalk. “I feel like I can’t wait any longer. Gosh you are so beautiful.” Jhett pulled her close into his chest and pressed his lips against her. He backed her up against a wall in the street as his hands traveled over her body. “Mmmm….” Kiara breathed through his barrage of kisses. “We need to get a room…” “Exactly.” Jhett looked around furiously. “Which hotel—” Kiara started as he began racing them towards a building. “It doesn’t matter. We just need a room.” He turned and smiled at her as she laughed up at him. Jhett was fun and spontaneous. And he made her feel like she was special. That she wasn’t Kayden and Kiara… she was just Kiara. And she was happy. The second they ran into the hotel Jhett’s demeanor changed. Kiara felt his body tense up and he slowed to an abrupt halt. He began wafting his nose in the air. She inhaled curiously but didn’t smell anything out of the ordinary. He took in a sharp breath, and she looked up at him. His gaze was fixated on something. She followed his gaze to a young blonde woman. She was a tiny delicate petite looking woman. She was wearing a white lacey dress, polished nails, and her make up was impeccable. Kiara meanwhile was covered with dirt and blood from their last battle. Kiara watched as the woman looked up and locked eyes with Jhett. “Mate.” Kiara heard the words whisper out from Jhett’s lips. She took in a steadying breath and pursed her lips together. It was okay though. They already discussed that they wanted to be together. They planned to mark each other after she was finished with school. He would reject his mate because they were together. They loved each other. Jhett’s hand dropped from Kiara, and he walked towards the woman. Kiara’s breath stopped as she watched her boyfriend take the beautiful woman in his arms. He lowered his head to hers and her arms reached up around his neck. Kiara’s fingers began to tremble as she watched the man she loved devouring another woman’s lips. Their kiss was all consuming and his hands traveling over the woman’s body. Kiara’s stomach turned and she felt like all her oxygen was sucked out of her lungs. She just stood there in shock. Maybe instinct just took over and he couldn’t control himself. This was just a mistake. She would make him pay for that mistake later but that was all this was. An accident. She kept telling herself that mentally over and over. She watched as he finally tore his lips away from the other woman. They were staring at each other and then it was like reality hit him. He turned his head and looked at Kiara. She could see his penitent eyes and she bit on her inner lip. This was not the look she was expecting. He looked like he was apologizing to her… but not in the way she wanted him to. Kiara watched as Jhett grabbed the woman’s hand and walked over towards her. “I’ve found my mate…” Jhett said looking up at Kiara with remorseful eyes. “I—I— da.mn Kiara the last thing I want to do is hurt you. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize how this would feel. I can’t… I’m sorry. Gosh Kiara I am terribly—” “It’s customary that when you find your mate you are given a one week reprieve. Take your week soldier and report back to the lycan kingdom. That’s an order from your general.” Kiara said tersely with her numb emotions. She didn’t want to hear anymore from him. He found his mate and he wanted her. There was nothing else. As if she would beg for him to reconsider. His apologies… well what did they do? Did it suddenly make everything okay? It didn’t. She set her jaw and held her chin high, “I’ll explain to General Brandt the circumstances. You are on your free time now sergeant.” “Kiara.” Kiara lifted her gaze up at him. Her blue eyes looked at his shooting icy daggers at him. They already had this conversation. He promised her that he wanted her to be his mate. As a lycan she understood he found his mate and wanted to be with her. But as a woman she couldn’t just be okay with this. As a woman who was foolishly in love with this man… FU.CK the mate bond. “That’s General Brandt to you.” Kiara said coldly. She could see the pain in his eyes, but she was in pain too. His petite mate clung to his arm, and she just couldn’t look at it anymore. The numbing shock was wearing off and a devastating stabbing pain was hitting her. She grabbed the bag he had dropped on the ground and without another word she walked out of the building. Kiara walked blankly down the street to another hotel. She got herself checked into a room and went straight to the shower. She turned on the water and let the hot pellets cascade down her back. She felt her breath getting caught in her throat as she slid down onto the floor of the tub. She wrapped her arms around her knees and buried her head onto them. Oh gods it hurt. Her chest was constricting. Her heart was shattered. Tears began to burn her eyes as they disappeared with the falling water. She felt so pitiful crying over a man. It wasn’t just any man though. It was the man she planned to spend the rest of her life with. It was as if there was an invisible force around her squeezing her chest together. A pitiful sob escaped her throat as she cupped her hand over her mouth. She had no one here. She always had Kayden to depend on and lately it was Jhett. When she needed someone they were always there. Gods, did she feel alone. She didn’t have her brother here and she lost her boyfriend. She had no support. She buried her face in her hands as she struggled to breathe. She needed to get this all out of her system now. She would allow herself to cry and fall apart in the privacy of closed doors. She would scream out her frustration and anguish. She would walk out of this room upright with her head held high. Even if she was breaking on the inside, they didn’t have to see it on the outside. She lifted her head up letting the shower water trickle over her face. It hurt. It hurt so much. Was the mate bond that strong? Or… was his love for her not strong enough. Did he really love her? This was the painful realization that was overwhelming her now. She didn’t want to feel anymore. This aching pain was so deep, and she couldn’t escape it. She gave her heart to someone, and they crushed it. She began to laugh at herself as she shook her head. “Look at me. You are a mess, Kiara.” The pain she was feeling proved to her how sincere her feelings were towards Jhett. The shower was hiding the raw proof of her pain, but it was there twisting her insides. She balled her hands into a fist and pounded the bottom on the tub. “Da.mnit Kiara don’t fall apart. Look how pathetic you’ve become. You have learned to depend on someone… always.” She shook her head and wiped her face with her hands. It was for the best that she had no one right now. She needed to learn to depend on herself more. In this life she had to protect herself. She decided that she wasn’t going to depend on Kayden being a constant in her life. One day he would take a mate and wouldn’t be there either. She leaned her head back on the shower tile and took in deep soothing breaths. It hurts now but she would use this pain to become stronger. She had found a weakness of hers and she was disgusted by it. She depended on having someone. Maybe she should thank him for revealing to her where she was weak. She would repair the cracks and make them stronger. She was no damsel but a warrior. And it was time for her to seize her independence. She closed her eyes and let her thoughts consume her. The sound of the water pelleting off the floor was a soothing rhythmic sound that allowed darkness to blanket her. _ _ _ NOTE: This book is a sister book to Alpha Island: My Enemy Mate. These are sister books and you can read them however you like. You can read one and then the other. You can read them chapter by chapter. You can read them every few chapters and switch over. The books are written so that they are separate stories but intertwine together, giving you a bigger picture. We hope you enjoy both of them. This is book 2 of the Alpha Island Arc but can be read as a stand alone. Books 1: Alpha Island: The Lycan's Mate Alpha Island: The Dragon's Mate Books 2: Alpha Island: My Unbearable Mate Alpha Island: My Enemy Mate Please join our group for these books Alpha Island Arc on faceb00k. THESE BOOKS ARE ON HIATUS! We hope to be able to resume these books in 2024 however Marion is very ill and we are unable to give a timeframe at this time. These chapters are up for free, but please understand we do not know when these books will resume. I have never not finished a book. It will get finished. But these books are written as a team effort. The best thing we can do is to keep Marion in our thoughts and wish her a speedy recovery. We both love these books and want to finish them. But not at the cost of her health.

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