Chapter #1 - The blast

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It’s a cold December night in the city of Italy.Everything is normal, couples are eating dinner in the restaurants everyone enjoying in the parks. On the other hand the security guard in the bank of Italy on his normal routing on his night duty siting in his chair eating food. Suddenly a loud bangs coming from the upstairs of the bank. On the upstairs of the room where manager’s room is located. He gets up and start running towards upstairs. He reports to his fellow guard who is guarding the basement of the bank. “Jeff! I heard some strange noises coming from upstairs will you come up here. Ten four.” Jeff replies “roger that! I’m coming” Guard ran towards stairs and head upstairs where other guard have been waiting for him. They meet with each other and proceed to look for that bang noise coming from they search all the floors but couldn’t find any thing and Jeff said “ I think here is nobody you must be hearing unusual voices forget about it “ Guard replies, “ yeah! You must be right “ Suddenly they heard a blast from the entrance hall. They ran towards the entrance area. Both guards have their gun out and start the search they saw the entrance gate has been blasted they carefully head towards the doors. Meanwhile bank alarms went on and police was on their way. They search outside but no one was found then they head inside the bank and saw 6 man standing front of the counter desk and 1 is sitting on the chair in the middle of the hall way dressed black hoodies and a mime mask. Both guards shocked and point their guns towards those men and shouts “ Who are you guys Hands up “ All 7 men doesn’t respond to them Again both guards shouts. “ Do you hear me I said. hands up! “ All 7 men starts laughing at them and walk slowly towards them and both guards freaked out and shouts “ We will shoot if you guys move one step more “ Then All those men stops started staring at them and took off their hoodies. The middle man who was sitting in middle of the hall gets up and said “ Do you know life is sick game, when you couldn’t find a doctor you die and when ever you find a doctor you will also gonna die either way tell me why” Both guard looked at each other and replied nothing. Again the middle man ask why but they didn’t answer and the man shouts “ WHY? “ Both guards replied, “ We don’t know “ The middle man points towards the other man and ask “ Tell me why Lucifer “ And he replied “ Because Of money “ Middle man starts laughing and said “ Oh! the money is the most powerful thing in the world if you have money the world either die for you or either kill for you “ Meanwhile the other 2 men sneaks behind the both guards and caught them off guard.They captured them and tied them All the robbers removed their mask and head towards the vault. Lucifer looked at the vault and said “ Josh! Let’s see if you can crack this safe under 10 minutes. “ Everyone laughed and set the timer and Josh starts to crack the safe. Meanwhile Other men starts hacking the security surveillance and starts deleting every footage from that camera so that no one could get their identity.Other men head towards the manager office to search for any possible documents. The men in the hall begins to hear police sirens and ran towards the vault and said “ The police are coming we need to do this fast “ It’s 5 minutes till police arrives. Meanwhile guards tries to untie them selfs with each other’s help but couldn’t do. The Police sirens getting more close. And Josh cracks the vault and shouted “ DAVE! Vault is open “ All the men in the Hall starts running towards vault and opened the vault they found 30 million euros. And all of them starts shouting “ WE ARE RICH WE ARE RICH” They filled their bags with the money and ran towards entrance and the men from upper floors also arrived in the hall. The men Name “ Dave “ said “ Everything’s okay “ Josh you Got the money? “ Josh replies “ Yes I have the money “ Suddenly Police arrived and surrounds the bank.Josh panicked and said, “ Police arrived how we supposed to dodge them? “ Dave replies, “ Guys activate plan B “ Meanwhile police preparing to break into the bank to catch the robbers. They consistently shouting at them to surrender After two minutes the Police begins to push towards the main entrance. The two units of the police head towards the entrance and other two from the back door fire exit. When they push inside their was smoke all over their they couldn’t see anything suddenly sees two shadows in the smoke with guns and they pointed towards them and shouted “ FIRE! “ They all started shooting at them and put them down. On the other hand second team entered inside the bank from the fire exit. They slowly push into the bank deeper suddenly they heard some beep sounds coming from the bathrooms. They head towards the bathroom open bathroom doors one by one. One of the police officers opens the left side last door of the bathroom he saw a time bomb ticking then he shouts “ IT’S A BOMB, RUN! “ All the police officers Starts running But the bomb exploded and all the police officer heavily injured by that blast. The second team moves towards the bodies they took down. Both the bodies led on the ground at the back when they flip there bodies up there was a note on it that says “ Look Behind “ When they look behind All the seven men were behind them pointing their guns to the cops and before they point their guns towards them all seven men starts shooting at them and kills them. After that they ran and took their cars which were parked 1 block away from the bank and makes a escape. After that they all removed their mask and starts laughing Josh says, “ DAVE! You are a genius we did it “ And Dave Replies, “ This is just a Beginning “ 6 Months Earlier In a lazy afternoon Dave is working in his Garage with his wife Juli in Texas. Dave repairing the car of the costumer then suddenly a black guy came and starts screaming at Dave for messing up with his car and says, “ You punk! What the hell do you think you are, you said there will be no problem in this car anymore what is this huh? I want my refund back “ Dave replies, “ Man relax maybe we can sort things out I will give you free service also “ Black guy replies “b***h I don’t want anything from you I want my money back give me back my refund or else I will the cops.” Juli ( Dave’s wife ) interferes between them to calm the black guy but the black guy didn’t calm down and ask for refund then Juli says, “ Dave ! Give him his money back and get back to work” Dave gave him his money back and starts walking towards his garage the black guy says, “ b***h! I don’t think your mamma teach you at all to be honest with you costumers. I can tell you by your looks that she will be a dawn b***h. “ Dave stops and Turn back and looked in his eyes and replies, “ I am gonna put you where you can’t even imagine punk and I will put you in that position where you won’t be able to talk s**t about anyone’s mother punk. “ Dave charges towards the black guy and beat him up, he beats him so much that he became unconscious. Juli see him beating the black guy then he tries to stop him meanwhile someone calls the police and police arrived on the spot and arrest Dave and seals his garage because he was scamming costumers police has multiple complains on his garage . In police station Juli visit Dave in lock up to discuss about how to get him out of here and tell him about the situation . Dave hears everything from her and says “ Juli ! Will you do me a favour “ Juli replies, “ Yes, What is it? “ Dave replies, “ I want you to call Mason his number will be in my diary “ Juli asks, “ who is he? And what he will gonna do “ Dave replies, “ He is the only one who can get me out of here so please do as I says “ Juli replies, “ okay I will “ Juli go to his office and opens Dave’s diary in his diary their were 7 numbers Among their was Masons number. She felt so curious because she saw Dave’s diary for the first time. He dials his number and calls Him. Juli tells him about Dave and everything happened and told him that it was Dave who wants to let you know and help him get out of here. After hearing all Mason says to Juli. “ Listen! I will do whatever it takes to get him out of the lock up but in return I want him to do as I says “ Juli agrees with him and Mason left for Texas to free him from lockup. Juli picks him up from the Airport, brought him to the police station Mason tries to argue with the police officers to release him from the custody. Mason calls his Texas lawyer and his lawyer insured him that he will get him. After 3 days they release Dave from the Station.
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