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Zechariah, Linor, Rockwell, Riv, Giant Havreim, Varinka, Xiao Kirin, Gadgel. Of the twelve Gid Chu sent, he made sure all those members of the chain Zax got along with, even a little bit, and had no misgivings toward him, were present. Bonjier, Kloky, Soybam Peter and Lili were the remaining four, while Figed Esgad and Donkey – apparently a fixed nickname – were the members stationed in Selivereb and New Earth. In terms of cultivation, Bonjier and Kloky were the strongest, third level Martial Mortals. Soybam Peter, Lili, Rockwell and Riv were next as second level Martial Mortals. Zechariah, Linor, Giant Havreim and Varinka were the only ones still in the second Core Master realm, but at its Peak. The rest were between the first to second Martial Mortal levels. Communicating on the same

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