Sixth Bottleneck Of Insight

1780 Words

“Zax?” A voice so faint that it could get blown by the lightest breeze… that was the last thing he heard from her. Everything slowed down till it got frozen in place after the explosion. A sense of incomprehensible dread consumed from the very depth of his being. He wanted to reach out, to charge with his dark attribute energy and what minuscule amount of dark element energy he could muster, but for this instance his perception was heightened well beyond all other of his capabilities. Thus, he could only watch. The ceiling cracked and split, raining rocks and Sun Stones like meteors, as a wave of indescribable energy unleashed its wrath from above in a passing, instigating a chain of cataclysmic devastation. Quick to die were those on high ground, buildings and hillside streets. Even b

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