Fated Kin

1717 Words

“As expected, he chose the Infernal Immortal route and is now in a critical state… at this rate he will die”. God Demirva assessed. The black hand that pierced Zax's head actually came from inside of it. PUCHI! Another pierced out, five finger stretched. Both hands grabbed the split skull and strenuously tried to pry it open. "He is absorbing the Inner Devil". God Bimentia said, in her tone an indistinct vibe of incredulity, even though she predicted Zax's choice. "The six bottlenecks', six tribulations' Evolutionary Ascension reconstructs fully the three aspects…" Anyone who comprehends only five bottlenecks, withstands only five tribulations or less, will not be able to deter completely the Heart Devil from his or her cultivation base, but to a certain degree depending on the numbe

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