Immortals Commencing

1871 Words

“MORIEN!” With bloodlust in her eyes, Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya roared. Her brown aura lashed belligerently at every direction, barely restrained its fluctuation from, otherwise, spreading and breaking apart the planet. “You will die for this, Morien!” The space in a radius of tens of meters around General of the Armies Nikari froze. All the worldly attribute energies in the tens of meters range had transformed to a region of forever cold, a show of his restraint. Up in the sky, His Holiness Morien stood with his white robe flapping in the wind, his gaze serene. “It was bound to happen eventually”. He said placidly, as all around him flew hundreds of Immortals. Tens of whom belonged to the Holy Palace, the majority being at the Heavenly rank while selected few were at the Sacred

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