Meeting Second Leader Yurnal

2212 Words

Cold sweat running down his neck to his scorched back, Zax racked his brain in an attempt to make up what happened, who was helping him in the shadows? ‘Hurry, Zax, accept this map and follow its directions!’ An unfamiliar sounded through the communicator he received from Gid Chu. ‘Someone from the chain?’ Zax thought, not asked. The answer was obvious but still unexpected. ‘What the heck did he use to create these extravagant explosions?!’ Glancing sideways, the three moons, which from afar were now the size of marbles, remained prominent and without a hint of dissipation. Opening the file, it was actually an encrypted formation Zax had to assemble in his Inner Panorama to reveal the map. ‘That’s too far!’ Zax exclaimed. The converging location, whether it was a base of the chain or a

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