Sought After And Found

2117 Words

Seeing the struggle over executing the code to hack the Galactic Communicator, Zax had an idea of why he was summoned. Nevertheless, being harangued before having the chance to speak or fully understand why he was needed, despite foreshadowing, ticked him off. Remembering Xiao Kirin’s words, Zax swallowed his anger and approached the eight. “You arrived…” Straightening his back, Gid Chu paid attention to the three after skimming a new code typed on the huge screen. Whether he was too absorbed in the code to hear Yurnal or not was hard to tell by the complex frown on his face, which could be for any of the two reasons or both. “Tell me how you disconnected the Galactic Communicator, Zax”. “I had not time to do it with accordance to the material you gave me to study. I had to disconnect i

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