Neonate Immortal Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya

1849 Words

Plain Kings, they are Immortal that in breakthrough to the Neonate ranked had managed to Cause a Change that resulted in them becoming the Core of a Plain. Plain Kings, inside their Plain, they are able to lord over all the worldly elemental energy of their element, all at once and generate battle power equal to Peerless Neonate Immortals, even if their advancement is recent and prior to achieving it, they never attained Peerless status in the former three Immortal ranks. Plain Kings, whether inside or outside their Plain, killing them would mean condemning their Plain. Plain Kings, there are two methods to become one. The first is nigh impossible, the second is even harder. Talking about Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya, the first method is the one that should be mentioned… Causing a

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