Legacy Of The One’s Path

1953 Words

‘There is a title’, Zax’s voice quivered. The first thing that popped up from the minimal information he could gather from the second subject was a five words title, brimming with immense excellence as if it was part of a divine existence. ‘Legacy Of The One’s Path. Zax said in trepidation. He clearly could not calmly handle the bits of the decrypted second subject in his possession. Merely staring at the information floating in his sea of consciousness aroused a sense of obeisance. In a way it was similar to the imposing presence of Supreme Ruler Ariel and that of the expert’s colossal image, which he still unceasingly kept constructing with the pieces of spiritual knowledge. Currently, Zax has already fully connected sixty percent of the great puzzle of the expert’s image. Regrettabl

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