Resolution, Heart And Mind

2980 Words

Settling for now the topic of compensation, Colonel Rijok unfolded his arms and looked to Cattelin. “Apprehend the criminal”. At last, being given the permission to act as she so much desired, thrilled and gratified, Cattelin strengthened the grip on the shaft of her scythe with one hand and with the other saluted. “Thank you, Colonel Rijok!” An ebullient fiery aura emerged around her like volcanic eruption. WHOOSH! Receiving a slight push from Colonel Rijok’s mantle, Cattelin dashed toward Zax while holding her scythe combatively. “Hahaha”, a vicious laughter rolled out of her throat. “We finally get to meet again, Musclehead, for our initial encounter, I’m going to make you excruciatingly miserable before dealing with the midget!” An ugly expression was plastered on Zax’s face. He co

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