The Second Landmark

1882 Words

The blue beam of icy element energy entered the portal at Zax’s back and came out the one in his left palm without losing its velocity. And since Zax’s left palm was facing the horizon when the blue halo robbed him of his bodily and dantian mobility, the beam’s trajectory managed to miss collision with the Star as it proceeded onward, past it. Left General Herculion and Right Fiend Megaron halted their unified advancement. Their reaction this time was otherworldly and whatever idea was straining to form in their heads, their brains could not register. “Lock…” Right Fiend Megaron murmured. “Lock, Herculion! We must lock space, again!” She urged him to use her halo, else Zax, who gained his mobility and then some, will exceed their expectation by the notion in their minds they simply refus

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