An Heir For A Legacy

1881 Words

“Hahaha!” Zax’s voice rolled as he laughed in jubilation. “Sooner than I anticipated. Good, good!” He was pleasantly surprised, since now he would able to spend a while longer in New Earth before leaving for Ercas Mir. “Let’s see how my Inner Panorama and soul have changed”. He entered his sea of consciousness to have a look. ‘Whoaa! It’s so abundance! So that is the sea of consciousness of a second realm soul!’ Before he even got to his Inner Panorama or soul, Zax was captivated by the transformation of his sea of consciousness. The space that had been like an empty shell, occupied by the tiny soul and a patch of Inner Panorama, was now a sea and a sky of grayish colors. Zax’s manifested form stood at the edge of his Inner Panorama. His bare legs could feel the sensation of water spla

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