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SPLASH! Bones fragments, hot red blood and chunks of minced meat splattered all over Darvajka. His pupil contracted, his breath haggard, his gaze fixed on the spot next to him, where for a fraction of a second he sensed sinister pressure manifesting around Cattelin before crushing her from all sides. “Eh? No!” Darvajka shouted as his eyes met the distanced, nonchalant Zax’s and the same pressure manifested again, confining and closing in on him. BOOM! He released his aura and mist explosively, barely managing to resist the heavy, dark attribute energy originated, weight. Catching his breath, Darvajka swiftly averted his gaze to Colonel Rijok, to plead for his help, but his voice got stuck in his throat. A two meters tall figure emerged behind his back. SMASH! Zax slapped, solely rel

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