Only One Side Can Live

3985 Words

THWACK! “f**k!” Zax cursed with a hideous expression plastered on his face. Right after his spectacular turn around, the finishing blow he landed on Ilen-Tar that ended the fight, Zax’s vision blanked while still being midair and his frozen body fell on the mush of furless rat meat and blood. One move, one kinetic energy bodily exhalation was all it took to bring him into this disgusting and excruciating state. In the beginning, after his body inflated and deflated, all he could feel was a mild tingling sensation all over his body. But in the instant that led to him defeating Ilen-Tar, the sensation intensified so quickly into pain and then unbearable pain that even after he awakened from the daze, all covered with filth, his mind still struggled to remain consciousness. Zax got up.

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