Peerless Neonate Immortals

1912 Words

Outside Denver’s Garage. ‘Well?’ Zax inquired the five. ‘In six months to a year our spaceships will arrive’. Linor informed. ‘Till then, as business partners of Denver’s Garage, out safety in Galder Star is guaranteed’. ‘Spaceships? I was too preoccupied with other matters to consider how I’ll handle myself after you’ll leave… thanks’. ‘Not a problem. Are you sure you can’t do anything about your situation?’ ‘It’s not that I can’t do anything… I don’t know what to do. Never mind. Return. Maintaining my Immortal Sense on everyone is more taxing than I predicted. A new arrangement must be made while we’re staying in Galder Star’. ‘Alright. Summon everyone back to the Moon Ray’. Zechariah said. … The space between Plains. Three Plains Speedsters traversed the multicolored domain, to

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