I Will Show You

2323 Words

Razil swayed in his seat, his head was so light that it could carry the rest of his body and fly circles in the hall. His face brimmed with giddiness. BANG! The armrest of Don’s seat was crushed to smithereens in her grip. ‘Calm down!’ Superintendent Ten’s voice reverberated in her head. ‘Nothing can be done to change it!’ ‘Ten!’ One word of endless pleading echoed in Don’s sea of consciousness, the farthest she could shout without uttering sound to the outside world, so distressed and livid she left out the honorific title. ‘There are things you don’t know, Don, things I haven’t fully explained to you! I’m ordering you, stay seated!’ With that, superintendent Ten forced silence to revisit Don’s mind. But even if Don herself did not say a word, the crowd of spectators, backers and p

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