Dark Attribute’s Essence

2785 Words

“Zax…” Fengar said solemnly. “I know”. Zax said without shifting his attention from the wraiths. The upsurge of mist energies by Luze’s party, inevitably attract experts who laid low and surveyed the situation from a far. When the conflict ended, a few experts departed from their hideouts, aware, like Luze and her companions, that things are way over their heads. Nonetheless, there were still around forty pairs of prying eyes left, ready to make a move for the dark attribute’s essence. Zax was on the tips of his toes. Since the surrounding experts did not attack or try to monopolize the dark attribute’s essence in advance with a show of strength, he could not afford to be bothered by them. ‘It must be any moment now! Both wraiths torn each other to pieces, I imagine that the surviving

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