Exchanging Questions

1943 Words

“The Lunar Second Brigade is here?!” Jiush Arkeh, the female Malignant Monkey, peered at Zax, aghast. “Only Sergeant Heyxin”. Zax pressed his eyes. His head throbbed with piercing pain from trying to subdue his belligerent emotions. “Speak… with Bulton”. He was not in a condition to hold a conversation, nor in the mood. He forced himself to sit by the entrance to the Moon Ray and meditate, both to calm himself and continue to probe for his missing Infernal state. “Can you at least ask everyone to return as soon as they can?” Zechariah asked. It would be bad if Sergeant Heyxin will apprehend them one by one and there was a limit to what Bulton can do for them. Nevertheless, he did not receive an answer, meaning “No”. Zechariah frowned, not in anger, but contemplation. “Yimin, you are the

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