Meeting Finally

1946 Words

Their methods were truly exceptional for mortals who live in a Star barred from Martial cultivation. By some strange application of means that can only be labeled as “Scientific Wonders” in this scarce Star, they were able to shut her five scenes before transporting her away. When she regained her eyesight and mobility, she found herself in a windowless, poorly lit room with zero furniture and one familiar face… Natasha’s. “That’s the deal”, Natasha opened and with the following words stunned Heyxin. “You can go”. “What?” Heyxin was still a bit muddleheaded from the treatment she received, so she asked to confirm she heard correctly. “You are free to go, granted, with a couple conditions”. Natasha stated in the same superior tone she you when she initially met and conversed with Heyxi

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