Lior Sinko

1864 Words

“Seven days are up”. The lips of the black statue in Rolo’s cavern uttered with a dim voice and the sound of cracks suffusing its slick surface. BANG! It burst and all the pieces faded to a black cloud of nothingness. Xienya and Rolo were absent, which did not surprise Zax. He let out a long, pent up breath through his nostrils. This is it, Voltic Star’s, Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya’s… day of reckoning. His plan was better categorized as “spur of the moment” than “carefully formulated”. Nothing in it was preplanned, except from its Three steps. First, meet those with relations to New Earth and offer them to leave with him. Second, guarantee the safety of those that comply by snatching a spaceship large enough to accommodate them all. Third, destroy Voltic Star. Even when reci

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