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Zax was lying on the ground. Beside him was Laivien, with eyes emanating great reverence. Next to Laivien was the group of young and adult Krikitories, with all kinds of bizarre expressions plastering on their bear’s faces. “Woah!” Zax exhaled, spitting grass, stones and mud from his mouth. His jaw, his tongue, his teeth, his lips and his stomach were astonishingly hurting. ‘Too frightening! Too frightening!’ Zax bellowed in his mind. ‘The third bottleneck of insight… How many days has it been since I perceived its spark?’ Zax truly wanted to know. The only thing he remember from the moment of finally finding the spark of light, after a month and a half of training, was tasting something too good to put into words. ‘Advanced phase Mist Lord… Next bottleneck will either place my soul a s

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