Bin Bin’s Desire

2160 Words

“…I’m begging you!” Rufer pleaded. ‘What a sorrowful situation…’ Zax inwardly could not help by sympathize. He recalled how much he had been through to fulfill the terms of his own inheritance and yet still had a seemingly bottomless chasm to cross. “The Star Scavenger’s missions are for the benefits of all Kingdom Earth and even our brethren from Valgarel. I can’t trade it to satisfy the whim of a single person”. He harshly stated. A glint of hope instantly lit in Rufer’s pupils as he perceived the clear meaning in Zax’s response. “Of course, it’s not all for me! Just a tiny bit, less than a gram, definitely! As an heir to the Senior Zizamber I can estimate the direction and distance to the bone marrow portion. It’s far, extremely far and to get there will probably take longer than the

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