The One Who Knows

1866 Words

“It’s nighttime, Teacher. I can’t be out here”. Finni followed Zax to the prairie after sundown. “Mom and dad will be mad… the Wafuses and Yolklians much bolder at night and can be very vicious!” … Those Wafuses and Yolklians Finni often mentioned were omnivores that lived in burrows in the far reaches of the prairie. Wafuses had short six legs, brown, slick fur, sharp small teeth, short snout and could get up to a meter and twenty centimeters long, a meter and a half with their tail and forty centimeters tall. Yolklians, on the contrary, had eight long slim legs that were adequate for sprinting, black fur, not as many teeth as Wafuses, but sharp fangs, strong jaw and long snout. They were eighty centimeters tall, eighty centimeters long, with their tail a meter and sixty. Rigglitel D

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