Close But Dare Not To Step Forward

2016 Words

The earth was fissured far as they eye could see. Zax was gone. Sister Iaura was gone. Remnant light attribute fluctuations were in the air with Cardinal Northstar and Stelero Mars’s signatures, yet neither was present. Though hurried footsteps and gusts of wind resounded from every direction, Archbishop Silternjan was the sole face to look at in the encompassing vicinity, and his expression was full of anxiousness and trepidation. Sister Beatriz looked dumbstruck, tried to comprehend what transpired and how, in the name of The Almighty, so many changes occurred without her Peak third level Martial Mortal’s perception noticing. Her mind worked in such a haste to absorb everything with all of her sense, only after she finished a fraction of a second later, it dawned on her again… “Sister

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