A Catch In The Local Waters

1950 Words

Taphlin’s muscles bulged, his gums bleed golden blood from clenching his jaw and biting as hard as he could in an expression of effort, yet no amount of strength he mustered could defeat Zax’s clutch. “Grouahh!” The golden man bellowed. “Unhand me!” He commanded, but from the depth of his throat echoed a trace of plea. Not ever did someone overpower him to this degree and as the pinnacle of human’s scientific evolution, his pride could not bear to fall beneath the standards to a Huermand, especially one who is was a fellow human. “I see what you lack now…” Zax uttered but it did not sound like he was talking to Taphlin, rather allowing him to listen as he made the deduction for himself. “You are the same as I was, both young and so strong you surmounted to the Peak. Moreover, apart from

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