Meeting The Martial Family

2326 Words

Eyes red, veins protruding. Grent’s hands clenched, pulled and ripped the expensive padding of the golden vehicle’s seats. “That b***h actually invited one of her beast friends!” He resented Zetsa, despised her family, envied and hated a dead man. “Hahahahaha!” He abruptly burst in laughter, throwing his head back, not minding the taste for blood in his mouth, or the red stains on his lips and cloths. An image of a young, beautiful woman emerged in his sea of consciousness. “Anet… Anet… Back when I first saw you your beauty was not the best that I’ve seen, but your features were exactly my type so I naturally found myself attracted to you”. He recalled the instant in the Martial competition, in which he eyes were casually drawn to a minor commotion between two schools. When he saw Anet in

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