Azure Snakes, White Rings

2497 Words

“What?! These three are matched in the three way battle?!” “Did I hear wrong? Right from the second round they are going to create such a ferocious fight?!” “But selection of participants is random. The judges won’t cheat. This just must be these three’s bad luck…” Remark after remark of disbelief resounded after Talhera summoned Silvia, Zax and Woren to the first fighting stage. “Zax”, Don turned to him solemnly. “Don’t be complacent like in the first round. Although Silvia and Salin are twins, Silvia is many times stronger. I reckon that if she was to fight Ragu Zin, the battle would have ended in mere seconds. And that Woren also isn’t a walk in the park. He is an independent expert without a backing, but his reputation precedes him. He should be in his late thirties, but his cultiv

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