Og Strongest Body

1849 Words

“What? Am I too frightening for you to speak?” The gray blue, hairy hulking’s voice reverberated louder than the blizzard. He took a heavy step toward Zax like a beast slowly advancing for its prey without scaring it. TUMP! TUMP! TUMP! TUMP! Seeing Zax fixed in place, his assurance grew and he hastened. WHOOSH! He suddenly sprinted, in a blink appearing before Zax with his large right arm swinging. ‘He knows…’ Zax thought to himself and raised his left arm in defense. BANG! The blow felt like it can flatten the biggest mountain, at the Mortal Enlightenment state’s level, yet both Zax and the hulking remain standing with the ground intact. Zax had no intention, yet, of causing harm to the environment or those living in it. He let the force of the blow course in him, from his lef

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