A Family Reunion

2267 Words

"Hm? Did you invite someone, Laylen?" Marco asked in surprise, it was uncommon for them to keep guests past the evening hours and it was already getting wait. "No, I haven't. Maybe it's one of the neighbors". KNOCK! KNOCK! "I'll go see". Marco placed the knife and fork on the table and got up. "Maybe it's big sis Zetsa!" Liz threw a guess. "Zetsa said that she will return tomorrow. Don't eat and speak at the same time". "Mm". Liz nodded and stuffed her mouth with a spoon for mash potatoes. … Waiting on the other side of the door, Zax could hear the discussion inside the house, the slight fatigue in his parents' voice and the meticulous gentleness in their tone with Liz. It was why he paced himself instead of rushing in, declaring that he is alive. He feared that the tragedy he cau

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