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“You know we can see you, even though the reinforced windows, Boijent”. The green mohawk man yelled. “You aren’t wearing your White Shui Shui Elite Fighter suit so do not make things more difficult for yourself or us. Please leave the vehicle”. “The man that is with you, Boijent, bring him out also!” The only woman with a Green Shui Shui Elite Fighter suit removed her smooth helmet and yelled. She had a short black hair, had black skin and across her face, which otherwise would have been gorgeous, stretched diagonally an ugly, pale scar. The Kixei 7’s left door opened with a “Hiss” sound and Zax, alone, exited the vehicle. “Young fellow, I advise you to drop all pretense and come-” The green mohawk man froze with his tongue stiff like wood in his mouth. Zax scrutinized the fifteen in a

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